Selling Spring water in bulk from all over the USA in Dallas,Tx

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My business is selling water in  bulk and different from all 50 states in Dallas,Texas.  Just like a juice bar mine is just water especially for travelers to feel like home. We are in a time of need to water can go just as fast as oil and gas and I would love to be depended on  for a quick water resource in town and have delivery to first come first serve all best water spring brands and other name brands water that we have. I can see myself in multiple locations  around the world every state can taste side water brands that we don’t even know about. I want my customers to stay on their health and regular journeys with all the water that we can provide.  Also be able to help in time if need. When the 2021 storm happened in Texas on February 15, 2021 all of Texas was hit and I didn’t feel good about boiling the water everyday and still have a bad taste in my mouth from the tap that I still use the meats definitely bring off a different taste . Since then more worldly things are happening and going to continue to happen I want to be able to help everyone that I can. You have never heard of a water store like mines and it will be successful I’ll also take my customers advise on the water brand that they like and do a monthly advertisement on the new water that come in until  the business by vote and we are finished with all the water brands. 

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