Water, clean renewable energy, sewage conservation (GREEN); Seniors,aged, infirm WELLNESS & safety

Raising 250K to produce and commercialize an innovative, patented, "GREEN" water,energy,sewage conservation product set targeted for hotels, universities, housing & hospitals.

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We have developed product-sets that intelligently & automatically reduces or increases water, energy & sewage use resulting in 25% - 75% resources and $cost savings. 
Need $500K to produce completely functional prototype/pre-production units to close several warmed prospects and launch marketing and production.  Our target customers, domestic and international,: 1) Hotels/Motels,  2) Universities/Colleges, 3) Housing, new construction & retro, 4) Hospitals/Nursing Homes, 5)Military Bases.  Using our product solutions will increase the sustainability footprint of the facilities of each of these market targets and other similar customers.  We're proud and excited to have been encouraged in this effort by the extremely positive feedback received, letters of testimony , very large hotel chain exec management commit to order for all properties, two African countries waiting to begin ordering discussions in earnest. 

The CFRC WatermaticFlow Showering System conserves the amount of fresh water output from showerheads and reduces the associated costs of heating energy and sewage. Once the system is connected to plumbing as in normal installation, our innovative WatermaticFlow,  which requires no power or batteries,  automatically, intelligently(via Natural Body Position Sensing “NBPS” ) decreases or increases water flow as the user requires.  CFRC patented technology( which includes exclusive voice activation in showers) in next gen iterations,  will save each of its target segments many millions of dollars in fresh water, energy and sewage accumulation and costs while conserving  precious a natural resource. The savings start at about $140 per showerhead per year, resulting in a quick ROI to the customer for each unit purchased. The CFRC WatermaticFlow is unique in the marketplace, as guaranteed by its intellectual property protection under US Patent and Canadian Patent, (also additional patents pending for future product iterations) and as verified by 120 hours of research conducted by an independent consulting firm. 

The substantial market size for the CFRC WatermaticFlow Showering System based on research as provided in our business plan.  Our unit sell price and pricing strategy  will be accepted by the market because it is lower than existing market prices for similar technology used in faucet and toilet applications and because  our products supports a quick payback (ROI) in water, energy, sewage meaningful $cost savings, ensuring real value for customers.  ROI is estimated from  less than 9 months - 1 year  depending on prevailing factors.. Our business projects $50MM, possible IPO, possibly being acquired by current industry leaders, 1/2 $billion  in sight.

Management consist of four (4) experienced leaders averaging > 25 years each. Each with meaningful backgrounds and accomplishments. Each with a percentage of ownership. The founder, Chuck Williams, is  majority owner, key decision maker. Investments so far are from: a team member invested ~ $60K,  a County organization supporting viable small businesses invested $67.5K, , another organization creating a forum for new entrepreneurs to compete their projects, we won, awarded $85K , the founder $500K, 
[email protected]  702.307.4989 office   330.801.8098 cell   Thank you.

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