Raising $300k for marketing campaign and inventory

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A FUN-ctional new twist on a familiar icon!   WASHIN-JAX!              

Laundry can be a challenge.  Especially with tough stains. Current washing machines have long gone away from strong agitation during the clothes washing cycle.  Some new machines have no agitator at all!!!   Today's active lifestyles demand the most out of our washing machines.   Today's washing machines are just not delivering.  Washin-Jax corrects this AND helps tackle tough stains PLUS, you get to keep your favorite detergent and fabric softener!  Washin-Jax increases your ability to deeply clean your laundry!  Washin-Jax works by adding three giant 4" Washin-Jax to each laundry load that you need extra cleaning power.  Washin-Jax tumbles around and helps power out stains by manipulating the clothes.  Top or front-end type washing machines, ...Washin-Jax IS the answer to your dirty little laundry problems!

Ideally,  I am asking for  $300,000 and a company that has strong ties to retail distribution, roots in marketing, and preferably a QVC type platform.  In return i am willing to give 15% of my company. 

We have enough verifiable income from amazon alone to service a loan in the case of an investor not being interested in a % stake in the business. 

I invite you to check out our Amazon 4.7 feedback!


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