Waldencraft Super Aerial Vehicles

A Waldencraft can do every performance maneuver that a Supercar can do and more, but in the sky, introducing a New Era of Aerial Sport.

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Waldencraft is a Seed Stage Aerospace Manufacturing Company introducing a new type of Sport Capable Aerial Vehicle that is unique, with both design and performance capabilities that place it in a Luxury Aerial Exotic classification, making it the Aerial Piloted counterpart to ground vehicle like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Koenigsegg and more. 

Our goal is to make flying from the comfort of our homes directly to our destinations safe & obtainable for anyone who desires to fly.

The Waldencraft high-performance platform, which has Patents pending, has the highest level of maneuverability and is the easiest aircraft to learn how to fly, with the potential to be the platform for all future aerial vehicles: with its ease of use and high level of control. 

Waldencraft was called the Most Advanced Aircraft that exists by the 100th Year Chair of Aerospace Engineers and is the Future of Personal Aerial Transportation. 

Our Motto "Who needs to drive anywhere, if we can fly everywhere."

Fly anywhere, land anywhere, go anywhere and see the world on your own terms in a Waldencraft.

Raising our first 500K to 3 Million to Build Scaled Prototypes & Systems. 

Multiple Patents in Non-Provisional status, which has been the main focus since 2021. 

More details upon request. To see our video and learn more about Waldencraft please visit Waldencraft dot com. 

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