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Raising $25k-30k to run Hotel where a government-backed solar panel installation project is currently underway

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Vulcan Hotel is situated in the city of Vulcan, located in southern Alberta along the route from Calgary to Lethbridge. Currently, a government-backed solar panel installation project is underway in the vicinity (link: The hotel occupies a three-story building, utilizing only the main floor and the second floor, with the third floor remaining unused due to incomplete renovations by the previous landlord, who subsequently sold the property to the current landlord. The main floor hosts a restaurant and bar, while the second floor offers accommodation with 20 rooms.

Our primary clientele consists of solar panel installation companies, ranging from small teams of 3-4 individuals to larger groups of over 10 employees, seeking long-term rental options. Additionally, families attending sports events for middle and high school students, as well as those visiting the nearby cemetery for memorial services, contribute to our customer base. Local residents of Vulcan are also expected to patronize the hotel, primarily frequenting the restaurant and bar.

The restaurant specializes in K-food, filling a gap in the local culinary scene by offering Korean cuisine. Currently, there is a lack of options for breakfast near Vulcan, particularly for truck drivers and laborers who often resort to repetitive fast food meals. Drawing inspiration from the concept of "gisa sikdang" (driver's restaurants) in Korea, which provide hearty meals for individuals engaged in demanding work, we aim to provide wholesome Korean dishes, such as kimchi and bibimbap, catering to the well-being of our customers.

We are currently seeking like-minded individuals to join us in this venture, whether as collaborators or investors. We value the involvement of both local talent and investors, aiming to contribute positively to the community by creating employment opportunities.

The security deposit is set at $5000, with a monthly rent of $5000. A significant stroke of luck is the landlord's decision to waive rent for the first 6 months, starting from December 1, 2024. This grace period will be utilized efficiently, with ongoing construction until the onset of winter and the potential influx of truck drivers seeking accommodation during this golden period. Additionally, the restaurant and bar at Vulcan Hotel offer opportunities for locals to experience new culinary delights and establish connections within the community.

During the initial 6 months, our focus will be on attracting both long-term and transient guests, aiming for a minimum daily occupancy of 5 individuals and achieving monthly revenues exceeding $10,000 for both the restaurant and bar.

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