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Direct Listing to NASDAQ Series B Ready

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Hailing from the heartland of America, on the Silicon Prairie, in Des Moines, Iowa, Vortex Blockchain Technologies, Inc., a Nevada corporation, is positioned in the fastest growing market segment in the world that has experienced five million percent growth since inception and a thousand percent growth in the last year.
Vortex is poised to direct list to NASDAQ within six months of funding.
 Vortex operates in all 5 of the major sectors: Hardware, Software, Mining, Exchange, & Trading, though its related entities: Liberty Coin Farms, Quantum Capital Fund, VxChange, & Radix.
Vortex Blockchain itself has 7 years of SEC audited financials and our offering is for up to five (5) million shares at $5.00 per share. This is priced at one tenth the current value of our competitors in these spaces. A Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) is available on request.
 Radix is our hardware manufacturing division, and we have a partner in Taiwan capable of manufacturing more than 10,000 bitcoin mining units per month, with an ROI of 9 months from funding.  We will develop manufacturing in the United States within 2 years.

 Liberty does our mining, on a smaller scale than RIOT or MARA our competitors, but we have a faster ROI, of less than 6 months, because we are able to manufacture our own miners and even sell them to our competitors; saving 40% over our competitor’s overhead.
 Liberty is 100% green wind energy at less than 5c per KwH. More than this, Liberty recycles its excess heat by selling it to a vertical farming partner, saving Liberty an additional 10% over our competitors.  A total combined savings of 50% over our competitors making us twice as valuable in bitcoin mining.
 Quantum is our hedge/trust fund which compares to Grayscale at a fraction of their size.  Quantum’s ROI is less than 60 days, and our fund growth is around 2% daily compounded. We trade ONLY in Bitcoin. We do NOT speculate or deal in alt coins.  We trade Futures only on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).

 Vortex itself, is the direct software focus of these partnerships.  
Vortex is developing our own Proof of Trust / Stable Coin, and our flagship product is Vballot: A secure blockchain voting solution that is both software and hardware.  We have 3 major government clients interested and awaiting a working prototype.  
Our costs are considerably less than our competitors in voting solutions, at $2 per data record, plus hardware, which is a custom “pad touch” device.
This is our 2nd round of funding (Series B) and we have raised $3 million dollars over the last 4 years from friends and family.  
Each of our competitors in these spaces trade 20+ Million shares each around $50 each every day.
 All we need is the capital to match their scale, and we will match or exceed their stock price in 6 months
 That is a potential gain to investors of 1,000 percent ROI: From $5 to $50 in less than a year.  
 We have a full 60 page white paper / deck on our website:


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