Volition Entertainment / VTV

Innovative E-Commerce and OTT App: / QVC meets Netflix seeking $3M

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Volition Entertainment is a talent management and production company with a new innovative OTT platform (VTV) that has a unique e-commerce feature. It's a version of Netflix meets HSN/QVC. We've brought in some key experts in this field, as well as myself -- with over 15 years in home shopping/infomercial space. Mogul, Rhonda Shear of the brand she pioneered, The AH Bra, and a team of technology, HR, Entertainment and Retail professionals. We have some key content already in the slate ready to be developed with funding, and the platform is ready to be built. Initial costs for development are $65,000 which are baseline. We then need office space, technology upgrades, staff, equipment, server space, marketing, PR, production costs to develop new shows and pay talent, SAG/AFTRA union fees, etc. We have a very strong innovative concept and just need the funding and partnership to take it to market. Thank you. 

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