Microbusiness Cannabis Cultivation seeking 1 million funding

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Microbusiness Cannabis Cultivation seeking 1 million
I am a minority, woman owned microbusiness in cannabis cultivation to wholesale and retail businesses for legal recreational use in New Jersey. These funds will be utilized for initial start up costs of the business to include purchasing or leasing a warehouse with a maximum size of 2500sqft.  I have completed the business plan and proforma along with partnering with a reputable attorney and CPA with experience in the cannabis business.  I appreciate your time and consideration and look forward to discussing the opportunity and profits that can be made getting in on the and ground level of the recreational cannabis business in NJ together.  I can be contacted on my cell 609-668-8944 or email address : [email protected]  Thanks again.  
Denise Scheidell, Sole Owner of VixenSBW LLC 

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