ViveaMind Inc

Raising $3M to help change the trajectory of Mental Health through Ketamine Assisted Therapy.

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ViveaMind is a Ketamine Assisted Therapy Company and we have helped so many people struggling with PTSD, depression and anxiety. We emphasize that Ketamine is a wonderful tool and when paired with and expert integration coaching, sustained progress and benefit occur.  We have recently started working and  training therapists to work with this medicine. We will be partnering with Novis as they launch their first Ketamine assisted Intensive Outpatient Program. The results are excellent and our team of medical advisors are some of the best in the industry. We seek to help reduce Veteran Suicides as Ketamine has proven to be highly effective in treating PTSD. Ketamine has proven to be highly effective treating Trauma, treatment resistant Depression and Anxiety. We are looking forward to sharing our pitch deck with you!

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