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VitaTek Medical Holdings, Inc. Unveils Revolutionary Medical Device Venture in Minnesota

MINNESOTA – [Date] – VitaTek Medical Holdings, Inc., the result of a pioneering merger between Vita Group and i-Tek Medical manufacturing, has marked its position as Minnesota's largest and premier global incubator, medical device manufacturer, and commercialization specialist. The newly formed entity symbolizes a transformative shift in the medical device R&D, manufacturing, and distribution sectors.

Jason Scherer, CEO of VitaTek, previously known for his multi-billion-dollar divestiture successes with international medical device titans, embarked on a personal mission after two decades in the industry. Scherer's journey through the labyrinth of R&D incubators, regulatory complexities, and countless other challenges led to the inception of VitaTek Medical.

Witnessing firsthand the sector's inefficiencies and non-collaborative methods that nearly terminated his aspirations, Scherer identified a dire need. He believed that there must be a swifter, more streamlined pathway than the conventional 5-6 years to transition a medical device from an idea to the market. This belief sowed the seeds for Vita Group's creation.

In 2022, a monumental shift occurred when Vita Group and i-Tek Medical manufacturing joined forces. As described by industry expert 'Medical Alley': 'The collaboration of Vita Group and i-Tek Medical, augmented by the integration of a state-of-the-art 135,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and distribution center, stands as the pinnacle of, and together makes VitaTek the largest medical device operations in Minnesota and its adjoining regions.'

Boasting a diverse product lineup of 9 OEM  and 25 other medical device products and unparalleled capabilities to innovate, manufacture, and distribute both proprietary and third-party devices, VitaTek sets the benchmark in the field.

VitaTek's Core Principles:

  • Holistic Approach: Led by the CEO's vision, VitaTek oversees the complete 'to-market' process, ensuring increased efficiency and performance, outstripping competitors.
  • Mission: VitaTek aims to revolutionize the healthcare landscape by offering cutting-edge medical devices, slashing costs, ensuring unparalleled quality, and expediting delivery times.
  • Business Model: VitaTek's unique model emphasizes customer outcomes, promising future returns for inventors and stakeholders, thereby fostering growth and innovation.
VitaTek offers an exhaustive suite of services, ranging from conceptualization, R&D, prototyping, and patent submissions to sterilization, end-to-end marketing, and product distribution. Additionally, exclusive product licensing opportunities are available for select international partners.

For further insights and a message from CEO Jason Scherer, please visit, or to review the company's current Private Placement Memorandum and supporting documents visit  

 Additional Information:

  • VitaTek was incorporated in 2023 post the M&A of Vita Group, LLC and i-Tek Medical, Inc.
  • Vita Group's origin traces back to 2018 as Vita Solutions, LLC in ND, later evolving into Vita Group in MN in 2021.
  • i-Tek Medical, established in May 2005, has been a beacon in contract manufacturing.
  • With over 200 clients VitaTek has attracted many renowned clients include nearly 200 Optiscan and CardioFlow, and esteemed educational and medical institutions like the University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic, among numerous others.
For detailed information about VitaTek's proprietary business model and potential collaboration opportunities, contact Jason Scherer or Lisa Terry using the contact information below.

About VitaTek Medical Holdings, Inc.:  Born from the visionary union of Vita Group and i-Tek Medical manufacturing, VitaTek Medical Holdings, Inc. is a trailblazer in medical device R&D, manufacturing, and distribution. Positioned in Minnesota, VitaTek is set to redefine industry standards and make significant strides in global healthcare.


Jason Scherer, Founder & CEO, [email protected]

Lisa Terry, CFO and Partner, [email protected]

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