VIP Builder Supply, Inc

We are a wholesale supplier of windows cabinets and doors. We sell to contractors and builders.

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VIP Builder Supply was initially incorporated to consolidate a few existing businesses under one umbrella and expand our proof of concept of  existing business by opening more locations in new markets.  The original wholesale location Amboy Windows Outlet opened in 2010.  Over the years that store gained a strong local presence in the Central and Northern NJ markets selling windows, cabinets and doors. In the 3rd quarter of 2019 another location was started in Northern NJ in the City of Passaic purposely located to tap into New Jersey's most affluent county of Bergen. With our soft opening approach contractors have discovered where we are and have started to partner with us for the products they need.  Our business model appeals to contractors at all levels because we have quality product offerings at every budget level and those offerings have a substantial impact on the sales and marketability of residential properties.  The most exciting and newest part of our business is the large projects division headquartered in Elgin, IL where we bid with and to large General Contractors, Developers and Home Builders for the same products we sell at our wholesale locations with a more preferential pricing model.  This newly established location in Elgin and part of the business has seen great success in being able to capture the attention of the targeted customer base as we are currently negotiating several of our submitted bids which range from $200,000 to $1.2 Million. We are currently bidding projects in NJ, NY, Chicagoland and Northern Va.  As with most bid work the progress to contract is slow but given the amount of positive feedback, current negotiations  and our existing sustained throughput of bidding two to three projects per week, VIP anticipates a strong first quarter with new contract sales that should surpass the $10 Million mark.   Additionally in the last month VIP has signed supply contracts for two projects totaling $1 million with a follow up project already awarded at $440,000.   VIP Builder Supply also researched the market and targeted another affluent area for a wholesale location.  We have already secured a location and began preparations for opening a new store in Hicksville, NY.  With the help of some additional funding by late January we will be operating with four storefronts and our large projects bid business.  Also of note, VIP Builder Supply is poised to be come the exclusive U.S. distribution agent for one and possibly two international manufacturers with some exciting new products with strong sales outside of the U.S. market.  We have a prepared investor packet which identifies additional targeted markets and projections based on a very modest 10% success rate for the large projects bid business.   VIP is in need of some additional funding ideally through an equity partnership with an investor.  When the funding is secured we will hold our model which projects revenues near $80 Million by year end 2023.    For an investor packet or additional discussion of our company and its business plan please contact:

Keith Mishoe 
(908) 884-4529
[email protected]

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