Video Chat A Pro

Raising $5 million to bring Video Chat a Pro to every home and automobile owner in America

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Video Chat a Pro is a Video Chat Platform that allows licensed trades professionals specific to the home and automotive industries to monetize their time while instructing home and automobile owners to fix their stuff. The Video Chat Platform offers home and automotive service businesses the ability to monetize video chat to give price estimates and repair consultations to shopping customers. Video Chat should be used as an option to give an estimate for free. The platform allows both the professional technician and the business to allow people to schedule and pay for the video chat easily.  During the beta, we achieved an impressive number of technician sign-ups, performed video chats, and got stuck on some development issues. Now that we have the development back under control we have fixed some complex issues that make scalability more reliable. The founder Jason Bauder is a master plumber and now owns and works as the call taker, dispatcher, service manager, and works with SEO marketing for Can Do Plumbing.  Co-Founder Jessica Bauder has a background as a customer service representative and office management for small to medium-sized plumbing and HVAC business.  Jessica works as treasurer for Can Do Plumbing managing payroll and financials while raising our 2 children.  Jessica creates and designs Can Do Plumbing's websites and landing pages while managing all domains for both companies. We work to manage development together while shopping for the best marketing firm to bring Video Chat a Pro to every home and auto owner in the country. For more information feel free to reach out to Jason or Jessica.

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