Veterans Security Operations

Seeking Debt Equity of Philanthropic Veterans Business

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Veterans Security Operations (VSO) is a security guard company comprised of all US Military Veterans. We hire unemployed, retired, and disabled vets for security asset protection in Washington State.  We have created jobs for over 145 vets in the last 3 years. But...we have acquired several high-rate, short-term loans/MCAs that are affecting our cash flow tremendously. We are looking to stabilize the debt by selling some equity or any other consolidation to preserve our cash flow so we can continue operations. 

The two owners plan to exit and sell as quickly as possible to focus on another venture out of state. The existing admin team has been running the company for 18 months and wants to stay if they have an option. 

Founded by an Army veteran and a retired firefighter. We opened the company in 2019 to help transitioning veterans in the area. We were seeing high crime in the Pacific NW and too many low-quality security guard companies. We also knew that local veterans from Joint Base Lewis McCord retired in the tens of thousands, as military service members each year and they struggled to find jobs that they liked and were skilled at. Veterans Security Operations (VSO) ( was the solution. 

We quickly rose to the premier high-end security guard company in the region in just three years. We have won many community awards for volunteer work at homeless shelters, battered women’s homes, food shelters, etc. We are very community-focused and not your typical security guard company. Our company grew 2400% from year one to year three. We gross over $500k per month and rising and will gross over $5.5m this year.  We have over 90 veteran employees and payroll is very tight every two weeks due to the debt payments. 

I'm afraid that we may run out of cash due to these high debt payments and not be able to make payroll half way through a due diligence so reducing this debt is essential. Bank lending and SBA are long-term solutions but we don't have that much time as each week we struggle to make payroll.  

Looking for options to stabilize debt and get ready for a sale in the near future. We need to raise anywhere from $250k to $500k. I am open to equity financing, hard money, or anything else that could help in the immediate. Your consideration will have an ROI within 90-180 days. We plan to exit at $4m-$5m. Please make an offer if you’re interested in a helping out. 

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