Veterans P.A.W.S

Raising start up capital to purchase office, land, equipment and supplies needed to care for the service dogs.

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We are a non profit that is just getting started. We are veteran run organization serving veterans in need of service dogs. I am a disabled veteran myself and my board of directors is made of of veterans. We are looking to fill the gap in needed service dogs to veterans with a wide range of disabilities. Most organizations will only provide service dogs to veterans with PTSD. Many other veterans with mobility issues and restricted independence can not get a service dog provided to them. We wish to change that in the tri-state (Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia) region. We will be raising service dogs of our own along with partnering with a local rescue non profit to rescue neglected and abandoned dogs to train as service dogs. Our company wishes to help provide freedom and solace at both ends of the leash. Below is a copy of our business plan and a bio about myself. Thank you for your time and consideration in helping to make this dream a reality. 
My name is Margaret K. Jackson. I was Born in Illinois but raised a Tennessee country girl. I grew up loving and tending to animals at a young age. I graduated Roane County High school in 2002 as a junior because I wanted to join the military. In 2003 I enlisted in the United States Airforce and began my military career, graduating basic training the same day my high school classmates graduated high school. In the military I did many different jobs and was always eager to grow and learn. My 6.5 years on active duty I did time as an air traffic radar approach controller, honor guard, and radiology technologist. After my daughter was born in 2008, she started having some medical issues, so I separated active duty for the reserves in Aug 2009. There in the Air Force Reserves I got my EMT and became and aerospace medical technician. I served in the reserves until 2012 when I spoke to the Navy and decided to do a direct transfer. Aug 2012, I enlisted in the Navy reserves as a hospital corpsman. I continued to serve in all aspects of the medical field until Aug 2014 when I was separated due to medical issues. After my time in the military, I continued working in medical fields, eventually becoming a clinic manager and center administrator. In my personal life I have raised and cared for many different animals, farm animals and rescues. After moving with my family to Tennessee, I was put on 100 percent disability by the VA where I started to realize how many obstacles veterans face to get the things that they need. One of my biggest challenges arose when I applied for a mobility support service dog. After two years of searching dozens of veteran organizations and many lost promises for a service dog I decided to that something needed to change. In my two years of research, I found that the VA will only support care for veterans who need a service dogs for PTSD and other mental health issues. When you search for nonprofit organizations serving veterans, they also focus on those of us who have PTSD and anxiety. This leaves a big hole in assistance for those of us who have other disabilities like diabetes, seizures, muscular skeletal issues, stability, and balance issues, and so much more. Who is going to help us get the service dog that can help us live a full and active life? Who is going to help those veterans who can so desperately benefit from a service dog or companion dog but do not have the money to pay the high cost of getting one trained? There are no ADI certified organizations that help veterans anywhere within Tennessee, Alabama, or Georgia. This is where I decided that something needed to change and being a person with and very extensive military, medical and animal background I could help veterans like myself get the freedom and solace they so deserve. In 2020 I started my research and began building the idea. I decided to enroll in training to become a Master dog training to better serve the veterans in my community. In Jan of 2021 Veterans P.A.W.S was born. We are a veteran run organization here to help veterans. Our goal is to provide freedom and solace to all veterans who can benefit from a service dog or life companion to help them get through the many hurdles they face in everyday life as a veteran. While we will be breeding the most suitable types of dogs to help with many service capacities, we have also partnered with a local nonprofit MARC rescue to adopt and save abandoned and neglected dogs to train them to serve and help local veterans. We will be providing freedom and saving lives at both ends of the leash. To learn more about each of our programs or how you can help, please check out each of the tabs in the menu. Thank you to all the veterans for their sacrifice and thank you to all those who have helped us make this dream possible. Lastly, I want to thank my board of directors and my husband, I could not have done this without you.

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