Vertical Athletics

Help Fund the Future of Gymnastics with Vertical Athletics: Where Our Level of Quality is Unmatched.

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Vertical Athletics is the future of gymnastics! At Vertical Athletics, we raise the bar...With our passion for a healthy environment and professional coaching staff, it’s our joy to take every gymnast on a journey to the next level.

With over 50 years of combined experience in the world of gymnastics, our journey began as a shared dream between five like-minded individuals. 

About 5 months ago we started Vertical Athletics to change the World of Gymnastics. The 5 of us combined our skills, capital, and work ethic and began this journey! We are currently debt free as a business and pride ourselves on building this gym from scratch to what it is today.

In order for this dream to continue we need $100K in working capital to allow us the freedom to operate for the next few months, while we build on our enrollments. We also are in need of $250K to install HVAC in our building and allow for year round gymnastics in our amazing facility. Finally, we need funding to build out our Phase 2 and expand our enrollments and utilize the full space of our building and talent of our coaches!

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