Venture Alliance Real Estate Enterprise

Raising capital to fund real estate projects in high demand areas in Atlanta, GA. 35% return on invested capital in 5 to 8 months.

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Venture Alliance Real Estate Enterprise, LLC (“Venture Alliance”) and its affiliated entities have more than ten years of combined real estate industry experience. Venture Alliance is a real estate private development and investment firm managing a portfolio of private equity and debt investments on behalf of its partners and investors. We take a unique approach to investing in broad variety of undervalued or value-added real estate properties located in high-demand locations. Our firm is committed to partnering with investors to establish financial independence and multiple streams of income through real estate investments. We attract investors from across the world to capitalize on investments in a broad-spectrum of property types that include single-family and multi-family residential projects, as well as commercial properties.

Our investment opportunities cover various regions throughout the United States, but we benefit the most from top-tier markets like Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, and New York, while exploring future growth and development in other cities. Venture Alliance’s investments in these cities are based on continuous revitalization growth initiatives and the history of stability and low volatility during various economic cycles.

We are a team of trusted, experienced professionals, that know how risky it can be when selecting the “right” investment. That is why we manage the risk through a rigorous due diligence process, which includes in-depth research and qualitative/quantitative analysis, to ensure carefully selected investment properties.
My business partner and I have over 50 years of investment management and real estate investing experience on wall street, including private equity real estate, private equity real estate funds, regulatory and risk experience.  We believe in integrity and transparency, and protecting our investors.  See our website:

We build a rewarding, diverse, and inclusive investment community by empowering investors to participate in real estate investment opportunities that provide attractive results and impact to communities.   We provide a 35% return on invested capital per 6 month project.  Our investors have access to our website to see the project status and have visibility to the progress.   See our website:

We would like the opportunity to speak to you and share more about our firm.  Most importantly,  we look forward to partnering with you and simplifying your path to real estate investing.

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