VB & RA Joint Associates LLC

Healthy and Tasty Mexican Fusion Restaurant and Bar

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 Our concept is to cook food by controlling the amount of fat, which is huge advantage over our competitors in terms of providing healthiest option. Our team has done proper research in menu designing. We will adopt a unique cooking style  (confidential), which will make our food healthy along with tasty. All restaurants are using too much oil and butter which makes the food unhealthy. They use too much oil because they believe the myth that oil makes the food tasty.  Healthy and tasty is our first and foremost objective.  The person who wants to eat quality food in daily life is our ideal client.  We want to place the position of our brand in a way, which provides quality food with reasonable price.  We will not sell the food at very low cost by compromising the quality. We will also not sell the food at very high cost, which cannot be easily afforded by average people. The ideal example is chipotle, which sells quality food at reasonable price.  Our prices will be similar to chipotle but in terms of healthy option we will provide better solution. Our food will add good nutrition to all age groups without any compromise from taste.  We are trying to introduce a new way of cooking which is applicable to multiple styles of food such as italian, mexican, asian, african etc. Most of the people in America eat Mexican food thats why we are exploring our concept by opening the Mexican style QSR.  Our brand will introduce a new way of cooking which will impact the life style of many people. We will educate people about the advantages of our concept by providing scientific data on our website. 

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