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Grant Proposal for Varga Medical Art INC: Expanding Healing Through Artistic Transformation


Varga Medical Art INC requests funding to expand our transformative services to scar survivors. We seek to create a state-of-the-art facility where the ancient art of tattooing meets compassion and innovation, allowing us to extend our services to a broader audience without financial barriers. This proposal outlines how the grant will be used to empower survivors, enhance our technological and artistic capabilities, and ultimately, rewrite the stories of those marked by physical scars.

Need Statement

Survivors of various traumas carry the physical reminders of their experiences every day. Breast cancer survivors, domestic violence victims, burn victims, those who've undone gender-affirming surgery, victims of sex trafficking,  children with genetic conditions such as clef lips and others face daily emotional challenges due to visible scars. Our goal is to transform these scars into artworks, symbolizing strength and resilience, thereby aiding in emotional healing and self-acceptance.

Project Description

The grant funds will enable the following enhancements and expansions at Varga Medical Art INC:

• Facility Expansion: Development of a new facility features designed as a haven for healing, equipped with the latest technology in tattooing and skin care.

• Subsidized Services: Offering free or subsidized tattooing sessions to make our services accessible to all scar survivors, regardless of their financial situations.

• Training and Workforce Development: Employing skilled tattoo artists trained in trauma-sensitive care trained by VIPAR, Varga Institute for Paramedical Art and Restoration, ensuring a supportive and empathetic service to our clients.

• Support Programs: Implementation of art therapy, counseling, and support groups to foster mental well-being and resilience among survivors, and those in need of medical tattooing.

• Outreach and Mobility: Establishment of mobile units to reach underserved communities, ensuring that no survivor is left behind due to geographical or financial constraints.

• Community and Partnership Building: Enhancing collaborations with healthcare providers and community organizations to identify and assist more survivors.

Budget Overview

The grant will be allocated as follows:

• Facility Expansion: 40% of total funds

• Subsidized Services: 20% of total funds

• Training and Workforce Development: 15% of total funds

• Support Programs: 10% of total funds

• Outreach and Mobility: 10% of total funds

• Community and Partnership Building: 5% of total funds

Impact and Evaluation

The impact of this grant will be measured through:

• The number of survivors served annually.

• Survivor satisfaction and emotional health assessments before and after receiving our services.

• Community outreach effectiveness, assessed by the geographic and demographic reach of our mobile units.


With the support of this grant, Varga Medical Art INC will become a beacon of hope and transformation for scar survivors globally. We are dedicated to turning scars into symbols of triumph and resilience, standing as a testament to the enduring spirit of survival. This funding request aims to empower us to expand our reach and deepen our impact, changing lives one tattoo at a time.

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