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Raising 150k to create a trusted disposable vape case

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Disposable vape sleeve, don't lose, crack, break, another vape, It's water resistant, lightweight, and comes in many colors
I am working with a company to engineer, and develop a prototype for my product, the global vape industry is worth 391.1b 
I'm seeking funding to get the engineering paid for which is roughly a 2- 3 month process,  from there i am seeking funding for inventory, a small warehouse to distribute from, and to pay 2 employees to help with distribution.
I belive online sales and in person sales at vape stores will be the biggest form, but need advertisement capital.
There are 9k plus vape stores in America alone, and with a expected profit margin in the realm of 10$ per unit sold
When each store sells 1 unit per week, my projections show it will be worth 4.9m in profit in the first year from vape stores alone.
If you have any questions please feel free to reach out

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Vape sok is no longer seeking funding.