Hickory Creek Convince

Praying for 300k to start a convince store in our small town in the heartland

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Hello there! My name is kaler deakin my wife and I live in a small town . We had to work for years to finally afford . We started our own buissnsss of small business incubation and have no slowed down to wanting a smaller life .  Our small town of manlius Illinois has a population of about 300 . However the entire county's school system is located here . There is very high traffic by the highway on backbone road right by our house and a building we wish to purchase to turn it into a convenience store . This towns population consist of elderly people and family's with children. The closest store is 20 miles away .  Everyone in town has said how much they wish the town had amenitits they didn't have to drive back and forth a hour for . We own a property right across from the location we wish to purchase and make into something everyone here would love. My wife and I lost our child last year and have not really been the same since . So time to operate a store is no problem for us.  If you choose to invest in this. Ownership can be 50/50 or whatever you would want . We would even be able to put our house down to you as collateral. Till the entirety of the amount is paid back in full and you will always receive a inheritance quarterly after the amount is paid off. God bless you. 

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