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We sell an award-winning (Better Homes and Gardens 2023) environmentally safe cleaning product - Lift Multi-Purpose Cleaner - to online consumers as well as wholesale to municipalities, institutions, commercial and residential buildings.  We have a strategic partnership with the largest school system in the country - NYC Department of Education.  We also service NYCHA developments and have a commitment to distribute Lift to Berkshire Hathaway properties around the country. We are looking for funding to grow our business and take our product first nationally, and then internationally.

About Lift Multi-Purpose Cleaner:
Lift is a naturally derived plant-based multi-purpose cleaner and has been proven to work in a variety of tough environments to remove persistent grime.  While fast and effective, Lift is also versatile in that it may be diluted to tackle specific cleaning tasks.
We’ve attached some materials for your consideration (see link below).  But here are some of Lift’s noteworthy features and benefits:
  • Powerful but gentle – cleans effectively with no irritation to the user.
  • Effectively removes stubborn grime and stains – helps avoid replacement costs.
  • Requires minimal scrubbing – reduces physical strain and fatigue, helps minimize potential injuries.
  • May be diluted to different levels (see our dilution chart).
  • Because Lift can be diluted, its effective cost is a fraction of the face-value price.
    •       The cost of a 32oz bottle of Lift can be as low as 69 cents.
    •       By diluting with water, one bottle of Lift can make up to 25 additional bottles.
Manufacturing Partner:
Lift is manufactured in the USA (New Jersey) by:
Unified Solutions for Cleaning
3 Evans Terminal Road
Hillside, NJ 07205

Delivery Partner:

Lift is available for retail at:


Lift is available for bulk orders at:

V Wholesalers LLC hired the highly reputable PR firm, 5WPR, (5wpr.com), and have garnered significant media coverage around Lift (see a few quotes below):

Media Comments:

Better Homes and Gardens Clean House Awards have officially been announced on their website (UVPM: 8,556,493), in an article titled, “Here's Every Winner from Our 2023 Clean House Awards.” In the ‘Best Surface Cleaners’ category, Lift was named ‘Best All-Purpose Cleaner,’ with the piece sharing, “We tried, and failed, to create a mess that this plant-powered cleaner couldn't handle. In fact, it was no match for our biggest challenge: stuck-on Velveeta cheese, which it conquered with ease. Use it at full strength or dilute it for smaller jobs.”

Lift is currently highlighted in two spring essentials pieces on Medium (UVPM: 73,267,255). The editor shares, “Perfect fit for all of your spring-cleaning needs! This biodegradable and non-toxic formula is all-natural and free of chemical agents, providing superior cleaning power that’s ideal for indoor spaces and can be used on a variety of surfaces (including fabric) to remove stains and smells. Plus, this innovative cleaner is gentle on the skin and guaranteed to not cause skin irritation or damage, providing exceptional cleaning capabilities while supporting the health and well-being of every person and community it touches.

Lift is currently featured in an article on NBC News (UVPM: 38,636,192) titled, “150+ Black-Owned Businesses to Support in 2023 and Beyond.” Noting that the editor includes Lift within the Black-Owned Home and Kitchen Brands section and includes a prominent link directing consumers to purchase on vwholesalersllc.com.

Lift, the Multi-Surface Cleaner is currently featured in an article on HAPPI (UVPM: 64,235) titled, “V-Wholesalers Launches Plant-Derived Multi-Surface Cleaner, Lift.”

Lift Multi-Surface Cleaner launch, the announcement is currently featured on Trend Hunter (UVPM: 854,068) within an article titled, “V-Wholesalers Non-Toxic Cleaner Lift.”

The Daily Beast (UVPM: 15,930,3930) titled, “It’s Almost Spring-Cleaning Season – Here are the Best New Cleaning Products of 2023.” The editor shares, “This is the best scrub brush we have ever used—it’s one of those cleaning tools that you know you’ll replace with the exact same product once the current one wears out. Durable, rugged, and with a bristle pattern perfect for grout, angles, and corners, and with a thick wooden handle that allows a solid grip, it’s the scrub brush perfected. Pair this with some Lift on grout or Scour on a shower floor, and the clean is real.”

We are looking for an investment partner (or partners) who share our vision to develop and provide environmentally safe products - such as Lift Multi-Purpose Cleaner .

Thank you in advance.

Your investment partner,

Don K. Taylor
V Wholesalers LLC
[email protected]
[email protected]
(917) 620-7775

PR Contact:
Leigh Ann Ambrosi
Executive Vice President, CPG
[email protected]
[email protected]
(333) 237-2828

See below link for additional information on Lift.

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