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Established UAV company with defense, civil and commercial enterprise focus. Round 2 funding required for marketing and payload integration for our flying UAVs.

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USAsian Aeroservices, Co., Ltd. is a small American-owned and operated company with an international team of highly effective and talented people who possess an aviation and, or business background and are deeply enthusiastic about UAVs.  We carry extensive experience in military aviation, FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certified aircraft inspectors, Ph.D. in composite aircraft structures, M.S. in fluid dynamics, business administration, CAD drafting, and more. We have spent considerable time analyzing the UAV market and chose to focus effort on the commercial UAV sector as it provides substantial reward and demonstrates robust growth and is within our capacity to produce. Searching online for the commercial UAV forecast provides many indicators of significant market growth. For example: "The global commercial drone market is projected to grow from $8.15 billion in 2022 to $47.38 billion by 2029, at a CAGR of 28.58% in the forecast period" *
 We received round one seed funding and have designed 4 UAVs spanning 4 distinct size classes. The largest being defense or civil government with a 10-meter wingspan. We have also designed and built a highly capable Ground Control Station, to operate the UAVs. Additionally, we have produced the smallest of our UAVs known as Raven, a multi-mission vehicle, which has a 3.2-meter wingspan. We are currently flying the prototype with our ground control station. Raven is registered with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration for sales and operations in the U.S., in addition to international markets. The UAV has production tooling completed.
 Raven has achieved considerable attention; we have one letter of intent for commercial use and one letter of interest for military use. This interest is from abroad and obtained without an established marketing program. The aircraft is unique in its flight profile, providing an increased performance option in a rapidly growing market sector. We have attracted the attention of Lockheed Martin, the Royal Thai Navy, and more.
What sets us apart: 
Industry Diligence.
We remain diligent in the drone industry to ensure we maintain our competitive advantage by staying informed of emerging technologies and equipment as well as engaging with UAV systems operators and reviewing their experiences to provide systems more applicable to field requirements. 
International UAV regulation compliance.
Our extensive Civil Aviation Regulation experience enables us to ensure our UAV systems will meet regulatory requirements to operate. This will become significant in the future as the unmanned industry grows and aircraft certification levels increase to ensure the public safety of unmanned operations in overpopulated areas. We currently have personnel in place to facilitate aircraft certification. 
Technology Growth.
We are enthusiastic about researching the direction of Unmanned Vehicles in higher education institutes and military organizations as they progress towards more autonomous and diverse roles. We add companion computers to our aircraft guidance systems to enable autonomy as well as an additional capacity in our control stations to enable AI, IOT, synthetic vision, data processing, and virtual presence maintenance support. We endeavor to ensure our products capture these emerging technologies and provide capacity for long-term
Proprietary Airframes. We design our aircraft in-house to meet strict performance parameters. The parameters are often challenging to achieve. The result is an airframe combining a multitude of variables which makes them unique and difficult to replicate. 
Low-cost Manufacturing.
With our manufacturing base located in Thailand and having obtained Thailand’s Board of Investment (BOI) incentives, we enjoy import-export tax and material duty reduction benefits. We also enjoy low staffing and facilities costs as compared to similar western technology organizations. 

We are currently requesting round 2 funding as posted on this website to complete the first prototype through the acquisition of the payload cameras and commercial software which will be integrated into the aircraft. This will provide a degree of A.I. in the Search and Rescue and Border Patrol roles, with a government focus in this capacity. In addition, we wish to demonstrate operation in forestry and utility inspection as well as agriculture on a large scale. Round two funding also covers marketing and advertising.
 There are 3 investment tranche opportunities available.

Tranche 1.  $500,000 

This will provide the resources to accomplish the following: Complete our existing UAV (Raven), by providing military, agricultural, and Civil infrastructure-related payloads for demonstration purposes. We will generate two additional airframes for sale and demonstrations, one airframe will be delivered to an existing distributor in Malaysia. Additionally, this option will provide resources for sales, advertising, and one commercial, military level, event demonstration such as the Thailand Defense and Security Exposition. This also provides the company with operational expenses for one year. 
Tranche 2.  $880,000. 
This includes the above as well the development, tooling, and manufacture of one prototype of the second and larger UAV, known as Vector. This Tranche will provide the development of one airframe, an advanced ground control station, one set of military-level payload equipment, and the equipment necessary to enable the UAV to enter production while providing two years of company operational expenses. 
Tranche 3.  $6,800,000. 
This includes all the above as well as the development of our largest UAV, Odin. Odin is classified as a Tier II military, MALE, UAV, capable of providing military reconnaissance and qualifies for integration into the armed forces. This system is also capable of providing significant civil government utility. This will enable the required facility expansion, production of equipment required to enter UAV production, development of two types of advanced Ground Control Stations and one set of military payload equipment, and company operational
expenses for 3 years. 

We would like to thank you for your time and interest and invite you to further explore the opportunity posted here.
Craig Colby, 
USAsian Aeroservices Co., Ltd.

M: +66 8477 20117


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