Telemedicine company specifically for the LGBTQ community.

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We have developed an on-line site for the total medical treatment of the underserved LGBTQ community. We can offer Hormone Replacement therapy ,PrEP, and are developing Behavioral Health care for the LGBTQ community This is our niche' and major differentiating factor. It is a "blue ocean" and not a "red ocean" right now. 

We have already built a website ( and have just begun to take patients, giving the first "intake" visit for free, then charging for follow-up visits, thereby establishing "return business".  We already are credentialled and have a billing company and a HIPAA-compliant Electronic Health Record. 

We are already credentialled to take Medicare and MedCost, and are in the process of credentialling with private insurers such as BC-BS, etc.

We have already established a relationship with one "bricks 'n mortar" medical practice in our home city of Greebsboro, which is centrally located in North Carolina, to do our "face-to-face" biannual exams with patients needing this.

We have multiple consultants and a Board of Advisors, experts in telemedicine and in LGBTQ issues both of which are gaining national attention. After focusing on the North Carolina market, we have the potential for national expansion and Remote Patient Monitoring.

 We are ready to flesh out our corporate architecture and expand via a Series-A round, asking $3M. (A $70K seed round has already occurred.)

We already have a Chief Medical Officer, who also happens to be our Chief Executive Officer, thus minimizing costs in the "boot strap" startup .

Therefore, we already have a MVP and we are refining it and taking on customers with revenues soon.

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