USA Women's Rugby League Inc

Raising funds for launching Women's Rugby League in 2022.

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USA Women's Rugby League Inc is a 501(c)(3) established in 2020. We are responsible for the development of Women's Rugby League in the USA. 2022 will be the start of USA Women's competition and arrival on the International stage. Along with BEUSNOW LLC, we are developing domestic competitions across the US alongside the development of youth and educational programs. Our organization is accountable for representing the USA. As a part of the NGB, our focus is on the promotion of Women's Rugby League. With a developing player base, 2022 will see new competition in regional areas, several test matches against Canada and Fiji in Vancouver and Hawaii. Our goal is to work with like minded organizations to raise the profile of the sport and leverage complementary brands to achieve greater ROI for our investors/partners. There are some details that can be discussed in private meetings under NDA due to the nature of future developments and existing relationships. Opportunities such as merchandise, event management and profit share exist with long term growth as we continue to build towards World Cups by establishing high quality domestic competition. 

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