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Raising money to purchase a commercial property 190K

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I run a Auto Repair shop in Charlotte, NC since 2017. I'm a father of 4 and have been married for 16 years. We purchased the commercial building in 06/2017 through Owner financing. We have 170k we put down at closing and 200K in payments we have made to owner thru 11/2020. The owner as not made mortgage payments and now the building is scheduled for foreclosure by the bank and owner has put the property for sale even thought we have an note/ contract with the owner. I'm seeking 190K to secure the property with the bank and payoff the current owner. My lawyer as advised me that the owner is still open to negotiation if I can get backed with a loan or financing by 02/23/2021. We have about 138K in the owner financing loan lift. 

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