Care coordination platform helping providers get better outcomes for the 66M people suffering from multiple chronic illnesses

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Ursamin is a care coordination platform for providers and patients that helps drive better results for chronically ill patients.  The legacy technology infrastructure is over 50 years old and was not built for the problems that exist today - provider shortages, growing patient demand for new ways to access care, and a changing pattern of patient visits due to an exponential rise in chronic illnesses.    We're here to evolve care processes for chronically ill patients, and help remove physician burnout from trying to manage these patients with legacy, ineffectual tools.

Our business model is a platform based solution - so we offer both users - doctors and consumers = direct access.  This model has been proven out to be the best value based business models in the long-run.  But our sales and marketing focus is on the supply side by targeting Primary care providers, and critical specialists of the top 4 chronic illness.  SaaS pricing model will include individual monthly and annual plans, with an offer to customize based on volume or practice.  

We are asking for money to put into sales-  generating the first 3-6 months of traction, which will lead to a more effective and over subscribed Seed round.  We have a full production product and are ready to go.

I've chosen a well rounded and experienced team in both technology and healthcare to balance the focus on product quality, simplified operations (doctors are burnt out and need solutions that solve problems, not add more training to their staff), and the complicated healthcare ecosystem.  

In addition to money we are looking for a few new advisors - ideally in the areas of investment, Primary care and edge networking technology.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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