Care coordination platform helping providers get better outcomes for the 66M people suffering from multiple chronic illnesses

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Ursamin is a care coordination platform helps patients living with multiple chronic conditions.  66M people today are living with MCC, falling through a system that is built for disease based treatment vs. holistic care.  These patients have the worst outcomes, the highest costs, the highest rate of suicide, and the list goes on.  Healthcare was in the process of developing a strategy when COVID hit and slowed everything down - the pace has picked up over the last year and many companies, including Ursamin, are looking to change the way care is delivered to what is rapidly become the "normal" patient.

Ursamin was founded in 2020 and has been developing our solution for the last year to bring patients and providers jointly together in one collaborative platform.  Our business model is a SaaS based subscription per user model in monthly and annual increments, as well as Whole Practice pricing that can be built dependent on size of the MCC cohort, while bringing additional value to the rest of the practice at no additional cost.

We have been running a recruiting and investing campaign in the healthcare community and continue to get feedback such as "Ok Wow this is different" and "Oh wait you can do what??".  That is a testament not just to what we do, but how we've built something that is going to be strong product market fit.  Now we are just looking for a few additional investors who want to jump in and take our vision to the next level. Thank you!

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