Raising 500k to continue development of an amazing Hotel Services Software App/Web App

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Introducing Upkeeply: A powerful and easy-to-use software tool that helps hotels stay organized, informed, and connected. Upkeeply is made by hotel managers for hotel managers and includes more of what is valuable and less of what isn’t.

You can close out of Excel and leave your walkie-talkie at home because Upkeeply consolidates all of your needs into one application that is specifically engineered for hotel management. Keep track of guest information, plan preventative maintenance, and stay updated on upcoming warranties and insurance with asset management deadlines all in the app.

Key Highlights: 

●Market worth $219B by 2027
●Currently debt-free
●Official launch slated for June 2021
●Informed by 60+ years experience in the hotel/hospitality industry

Industry: Hotel
Market Size: $154.3 billion
Target Customer: Hotels of any size or location

Running a hotel is no small feat. Many hotels still rely on outdated technologies that require them to switch back and forth between different software and devices to accomplish daily tasks. 

Below are some complaints we often hear from our customers 

●Documenting in Excel or on paper is unintuitive when information needs to be easily accessible to many staff members across the hotel. 
●Reminders on Outlook aren’t helpful if you have to remind yourself to make the reminder.
●Communication is weighed down by the combined use of walkie-talkies with another mobile device.
●Most current systems don’t support generating useful custom reports1
●ROI is not worth the investment; the cost is high.
●Outdate archaic UI’s

Upkeeply was strategically designed to address the most significant pain points across the hotel management space in the following ways:

●In-app Preventative Maintenance Module allows you to schedule, perform and complete both room and equipment preventative maintenance. Effectively track warranty and insurance deadlines associated with equipment and FF&E. This takes the burden of remembering appliance and equipment warranties off of the hotel staff through a feature in the app that logs upcoming deadlines and sets reminders automatically based on user preference.
Auto dispatching of all guests and staff requests
●Built-in text and a video chat feature allow users to connect with other staff members without carrying multiple devices. This feature is especially pertinent during the pandemic and facilitates socially distanced communication. 
●Integrated Custom Report Generator gets you the data you need fast without relying on exporting 3-4 different canned reports into Excel to manipulate the data.

The Upkeeply app can be used on Android and Apple devices and computers through the hotel's designated Upkeeply URL. Users can log into the app from their preferred device and access the previously mentioned features from any location.  They may wish to join a virtual meeting via the integrated video chat or access information on house cleaning and room assignments.  The app also works passively, as users can rely on Upkeeply to update them on time-sensitive issues as they arise through automatic notifications.

Upkeeply began as an idea only last April, and it is already slated to launch this June. Presently, we are focused on connecting with potential customers via a broad education initiative consisting of 500+ hoteliers and an automated online marketing campaign. The initial launch strategy also includes a custom email and phone campaign specifically targeting nearly 200 hotels currently using our competitors’ products and calls and social media outreach to familiarize our customer base with our product.

Meet The Team
Jeff Bowes - Founder/CEO
○35+ years of experience in the hotel industry
■15 years in hotel operations management
■20 years in hotel software implementation
■16+ years working for competitor “Guestware.”
○Excels in customer service

Lesley Turner – Co-Founder/Director of Quality Assurance
○20+ years of experience in the hotel industry
■10+ years in hotel SaaS implementation and consulting
■18 years working for competitor “HotSoS.”
○Industry certified IT Professional
○Established strong relationships as a trusted consultant with Corporate and Senior Management at numerous hospitality groups and individual properties worldwide.

Christopher Kotula - Sales VP
○Experience in sales and account management
■2+ years with Oracle business development
■2 years of consulting experience with Hyphen Solutions
○Well versed in sales flow and processes

Business Model

Revenue will be generated on a per-room basis along with additional requests or customizations.

The Breakdown:

●The subscription-based monthly cost of $30/room for the base system.
●Additional add-ons available to increase MRR
●The initial cost of purchasing the software
●Pre-implementation consulting costs
●Consulting and training application cost
●Cost of special integration projects
●Any customization requests

Revenue Projections:
2021 - $68,806
2022 - $938,654
2023 - $3,008,185
2024 - $6,395,479
2025 - $10,595,148

Upkeeply’s Future - In the works: 
H.E.L.P. (Housekeeping Efficiency, Labor and Productivity) Fully integrated housekeeping optimization module.
Plans to support virtual logging of guest issues/request via their mobile devices.
Possibility of adding an Associate Scheduling module
Use of AI

Revenue Projection:
We predict that Upkeeply could be worth as much as $25M within 5 years after the official launch with proper investment.

Investment Opportunity
Upkeeply is seeking an investment of $750,000 in exchange for 17% equity.
Valuation: $3.75M
Previous Investment: $270,000 Self-Funded

Use of Funds
●30%: Marketing
●40%: Tech Development
●30%: Management and Business Development

Why Invest?
We’re capital efficient.
We’ve already developed the software, secured early customers, and to date, we are debt-free. This demonstrates our ability to set key financial goals and quality standards and our ability to meet them. Now we’re simply looking for the resources to accelerate growth.

The market is growing. The global luxury hotel market size is projected to reach USD 238.49 billion by 2028, exhibiting a CAGR of 10.4%.

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) market is expected to grow from $68.2 billion in 2020 to $219.5 billion in 2027.

Our product is superior. Other products on the market are unintuitive and lack key features that Upkeeply fully supports. We know what our customers want, and we’re committed to delivering.

Jeff Bowes | [email protected] | 2268409679 | www.upkeeply.com

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