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Raising $1,500,000 to launch multiple revenue streams

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We started out by inventing what's called The Powerhandz Power Suit. This product has 1.25 LBS on each side of the chest, 1.25 LBS on each side of the upper back over the shoulder blades, and 2.5 LBS that wrap around each thigh.  The novelty of the Suit is that the soft rubber weight is built into the material so there's nothing to take in an out.  The more you move, sweat, and work at full speed , the more the Suit stretches and conforms to your body enhancing performance in dramatic fashion. This product is the Future of Advanced Sports and Fitness training, and has application to every athlete from a strength and conditioning standpoint.  To enhance the benefits of The Power Suit,  I have joined forces with  Lock Apparel and together we've created The Power Lock System. This incorporates a superior clothing layer unlike traditional synthetics. Using both technologies, we have designed the ultimate training equipment that none of the Big Brand Names can compete with.  We currently have several patents that we have selectively licensed to major players. However, The Power Lock System is the culmination of 10 years of R & D, has been tested repeatedly, and is now ready for launch. 

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