United battery

expand wireless tool batteries business on US market and europe market, $10 million sales potential

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United Battery Inc owns GHU Electronics on Amazon platform, and Lithium Ion Laptop battery manufacturer;
 GHU Electronics is a top seller on Amazon, we sell laptop batteries, phone accessories and wireless tools batteries; 5-star seller on Amazon marketplace. In 2022, sales reach $3.5 million;
 We would like to expand our wireless tool batteries business quickly and expand our battery manufacturer facility, we have the technologies and R&D team to make top quality tools batteries; big potential to grow to $10-$50 million business. look for equity investor to grow our business together.
 United Battery Inc owns GHU brand and all its umbrella products, after 10 years promotion with our products, our brand has become a very popular brand for laptop batteries, laptop charger and wireless tool battery, GHU brand itself worth about $5 million;
 United Battery Inc also owns 20,000 sf modern battery manufacturer facility, our factory has annual battery product capacity $5 million; our battery factory products can export to US, Europe and other worldwide market.
 United Battery Inc also owns 15 marketing places worldwide, we can sell our products worldwide via the Amazon.
 We estimated our new tools batteries business can reach revenue for $10-$50 millions in about 3-5 years range; our gross margin for tools battery can be about 40%;
 Our equity investor will get the following benefits:
 1. yearly return in dividends;
 2. company shares and this share value will grow as business grow;
 3. we will also purchase commercial real estates, as business grow and when the commercial real estate value grows, all shareholder will gain its value;
 We welcome equity investors and venture capital to work with us, this will be rapidly growing area in the next 5-10 years;
 Our management team has more than 20 years management experience, we know how to grow our business together!

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