Unifye capital

Raising 10 million in exchange for 70% equity with returns exceeding 75%+ at minimum

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Merchant capital business, lending money to businesses. Proven track record, looking to expand into a niche market. 

Proven at minimum to provide 75% plus returns annually, our projections read at 124% annually. We are offering preferred returns as well. 

Companies like these trade at a 7-10x EBITDA, and we are looking for a 3-5 year huge influx and then an acquisition. Will go into detail on this. 

We have the contacts, the brokers, the syndication accounts where we receive hundreds of funding requests per day. We purchase the future receivables of a company and collect daily payments directly from the business accounts, our contracts are 3-6 month contracts that get renewed when principal is paid in full. We have an entire pitch deck outlining the company.  Everything is ready for launch! 

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Unifye capital is no longer seeking funding.