The ultimate destination for fashion without the footprint for the conscious customer. Embrace a slow-fashion lifestyle that doesn't compromise our planet or your budget.

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Our brand name, Unclad, means “unclothed, naked” and conveys a strong sense of openness and transparency, which are the main values of our brand. We will leave nothing hidden from our Unclad Activists (our loyal customers). We believe that if she spends her hard-earned money on her clothing, it should come from a brand she trusts and believes in. Currently, there aren’t many options that bring our customers quality, luxe, minimal, timeless pieces that are also completely eco-friendly, non-synthetic, and affordable. Our goal is to promote change, charity, and consciousness of the waste produced by the fashion industry with every purchase.

BUSINESS MODEL | Slow fashion, Small batch production, Product drops, Sustainable and ethical

OUR UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION | Synthetic and plastic-free, plant-derived product, fashion meets charity and eco-habits, minimal and fashionable aesthetic   

CUSTOMERS | Who will be shopping Unclad?
SHE IS…The Aspirational Millennial + Gen-z

  • 25-44 yrs old 
  • In College/College Educated 
  • Earning $60,000+ 
  • A yoga enthusiast lives an active lifestyle, workout classes, etc 
  • Social-cause driven 
  • Lives in L.A, NYC, Miami, urban areas
  • Loves traveling and new experiences 
  • Follower of blogs and magazines, aware of sustainable initiatives 
  • Vast taste in music 
  • Avid believer in self-love and self-care 
  • Hobbies | reading, museums, art shows, travel, etc. 
Her main pain point or dilemma?  
  • Wanting to shop sustainably but not having many fashionable or affordable options
  • She wants to shop guilt-free, without the greenwashing 
  • Craving a deeper connection to a brand and knowing the truth behind the brand 

  • CEO & Founder | Laura Longmore 
  • Sustainable Fashion Interns | Ellie Wagner + Kasey Thornhill 
  • Graphic (Brand) Designer | Lorna Collins, Lorna Collins Designs 
  • CAD Graphic Designers | Ava Jean Brannon + Sandrine Johnson, NS Digital Art 
  • Lawyer |  Manoj Shah + Anna Radke - Brand Counsel LA
  • Fashion CPA | Frigate Financial 
  • Clothing Manufacturer | The Evans Group 
  • Marketing Agency  | Sabrena Jay, SJI Consulting 
  • Sustainable Business Consultant | Tara St. James, Resourced 
  • Photographer and Videographer | Stephen Higgins (Freelance)
  • Bank | Truist 

Why Unclad? 

The millennial woman has been a customer of Zara, Reformation, Everlane, and H&M, but what she doesn’t want is greenwashing, mass production, and unethical and dangerous practices that harm the workers, us, and our planet. 

Therefore, Unclad will be the brand that offers the aesthetic and the solution to her pain points and shopping frustrations. We will offer her a product that is made to compliment her personal style, from the earth, with a timeless look that grants her complete assurance, knowing that she is contributing to something greater. 

Our dedication to no synthetic materials and the use of natural, recyclable, and biodegradable materials will be the investment the millennial and gen-z woman will commit to for years to come.


Site | https://the-unclad.com/
Instagram | @the_unclad

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