Unclad- minimal, sustainable, 100% transparent

Developing a direct to consumer e-commerce brand, bringing fashion without the footprint to the conscious woman

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I have started a sustainable fashion brand that is in line that merges charitable giving with a slow fashion approach. My goal is to raise $75,000 to cover production, marketing, legal fees, and brand development. 
I majored in Merchandise Marketing at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and currently attending LIM College to achieve my Masters in Fashion Marketing. Sustainable fashion has been my passion for years! So the goal with Unclad is to be the brand that makes a difference and starts a sustainable movement, that does not compromise the planet we live on. 
Our products will be organic, sustainable and biodegradable and there are currently not many sustainable brands that offer the same luxe and minimal aesthetic at an affordable price point, that Unclad would bring to the market. We want to be the brand to replace the fast fashion option for our consumers, which is negatively affecting the planet and truly represent fashion without the footprint. 

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