Ultra Fast Boat

Raising funding for private, commercial and military applications

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Marine Aeronautics is developing an advanced Marine Technology for an Ultra Fast Ship/Boat for private, commercial and military applications.   The timing for such a vessel is perfect.  The focus of the project to assemble a team of people to manage and build the worlds fastest boat/ship whose primary mission is for commercial, military, and private applications.   The vessel 's design has recently been approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.   The UFS is primarily an ultra fast trimaran  (125 to 150 knots and faster) with a delta wing deck system.  Atop the deck system is an aerodynamic angular superstructure that houses crew members and passengers.  The vessel has three separate propulsion systems that can independently power the UFS.  The second and third propulsion systems are conventional in nature. The high speed military version meets the immediate needs of the United States Marine Corps and United States Army's Rapid Deployment Forces.  The United States Navy has a great need for UFS coastal littoral operations and blue water fleet protection.  The UFS commercial version will enjoy the largest and most lucrative world wide ferry markets moving several hundred passengers 100 nautical miles to their destination nation port in .5  to 1.5 hours.   That's two or three times fast then conventional ferries.  The UFS private super yacht market will be huge and wildly popular because of the exotic nature of the vessel and it's ultra fast speed which allows the captain to skirt unwanted storm and rough seas.  The smaller scaled down versions can be affordable even for he average private buyers and commercial fishermen.  The UFS' reusable composite cold mold construction cost is far more economical than conventional construction labor and materials costs.  i.e. aluminum, fiber glass, or steel hulls.   If the investors move quickly they can overtake the world markets overnight.  In addition, I have several secret advanced compliments that will be added to the vessel as the market demand increases allowing the Marine Aeronautics and it's investors to stay ahead of emerging competitors.  I have chosen three possible UFS construction sites: San Diego, CA, Corpus Christi, TX, Wanchese, NC.  Jerry Daniele's background:  I was a successful high end design/custom home and commercial builder from 1972 and I retired in 2012.  I am currently the Qualifying Party for R&R solutions llc, a shingle recycling plant.  I reside  and own a ranch in New Mexico 18 miles west of Albuquerque.  I know what you're thinking, "What's a ship builder doing in the southwest desert?  It's a long story."

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