Franchisor of most unique, multi-sensory Fitness & Wellness centers; the next Orangetheory Fitness success story.

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Are you ready to invest in an innovative, first of its kind Fitness & Wellness concept?  Then jump on the journey with Ultimate Experience, LLC - the Franchisor of BFIT4LIFE; conceivably the next Orangetheory Fitness success story.  NOW OPEN at 400 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA

The BFIT4LIFE concept integrates Fitness and Wellness; taking a "personalized", holistic lifestyle approach to optimizing each member's physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  BFIT4LIFE is results-driven and is teaming with industry experts to deliver an unbelievable experience.  As a franchisor,  our plans include to offer master franchise agreements around the globe, area development opportunities in the United States and opening additional corporate-owned centers in the U.S. and Canada.  An illustration of our Immersive Cycling Theatres is incorporated below, along with an excerpt from a newsletter from our Cycling software vendor.  Also, BFIT4LIFE was featured on Fox29 (link included below); video captured the actual screen and sample content BFIT4LIFE is able to create for an unforgettable and most unique ride; a journey like no other (or as the phrase goes, "Exertainment" cycling).

Here is a video of Philadelphia-based Fox29's May 18, 2021 live coverage on Good Day Philadelphia by Jennaphr Frederick:
In addition, here are links to BFITLIFE's first and most recent Press Releases (April 1, 2021 and August 25, 2022, respectively): (April 21, 2021)
Most recent Press Release is here (August 25, 2022)

As noted above, an excerpt from a newsletter (released just prior to BFITLIFE's opening) from our Cycling software vendor follows.
                                                                                                                          THE JOURNEY MAKES BIG SCREEN DEBUT
BFit4Life's cycling theatre is the first of its kind!

Indoor cycling enthusiasts in Philadelphia can look forward to a one-of-a-kind indoor cycling experience when Bfit4Life opens.... (spring, 2021).  The multisensory fitness studio has installed an impressive 28-foot wide curved cinematic screen (that’s a whopping 8.5 metric meters) in their main cycling theatre, making it the perfect place to embark on a fun-filled fitness journey.

We are proud this state-of-the-art studio chose our immersive indoor cycling adventure, The Journey, for this cinematic cycling experience and can’t wait to hear what their members think!


To complement BFIT4LIFE's incredible immersive cycling experience, each facility will include a Barre Studio, a second theatre to deliver in-house and livestream-out Fitness programs, from 1-on-1 training to group exercises, inclusive of Yoga, Zumba and TRX classes.  A Juice Bar, Massage Room and Nutritional Counseling office further augment our well rounded Fitness & Wellness offerings.  BFIT4LIFE has also developed its own line of THC-free CBD products ( and will be developing its own line of cosmetics; skin and hair care products.  To date, BFIT4LIFE encompasses twelve distinct profit centers with more to come.

To take a virtual walking tour of BFIT4LIFE's physical layout, please visit BFIT4LIFE's main website: (tour:

Are you financially motivated to come join the BFIT4LIFE journey?  Then let's commence a dialogue today; you will be amazed by our near- and long-term plans.  Together, let's help people around the globe LOOK GREAT, FEEL BETTER & LIVE LONGER!!!
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