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l need money to re-invent my business in the direction that will make for operational efficiency, save costs to the tune of 25-75% with skeletal compliance needed staffing of 15-25%, employee-less floor operation, targeting employee thefts and shoplifting elimination possibilities.  This idea becomes necessary in view of the lack of workforce sufficiency and the Trojan horse likely here with us where everyone, everywhere in the county sings and hymns this refrain of $15.00 per hour minimum wage which if the legislation passes, nationalization kicks in, employment opportunities will dwindle.
As a business minded person, having practiced for so long, and seeing all the changes, challenges, the peaks, the troughs, l need money to build a future publicly traded company in pharmacy business leveraging from my near 40 years in schooling and practice, almost 18 years of which is in independent practice. The operation will be with either skeletal employee load or non-employment based, eliminating employee  theft, shoplifting and reducing operation costs by 25-75% . And depending the structure approved or adopted, the profit margins on products could be anywhere from 15-45% 
lf your company is interested, please contact me.  l have in combined value of $2-3M in business assets, real estate, trademarks underway and some in the works to transfer or guarantee the venture. Terms and conditions apply. Thanks for your cooperation as l look forward to working with you.
Yours Sincerely
Christian Nwoye
Ugaland, Inc d/b/a City Pharmacy 

3302 E. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd., Tampa, Florida 33610 

(813) 248-5405 ~ Fax: 813-248-5408

[email protected] ~

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