Seeking $300,000 or more in seed funding of a projected $40-45 million film production project.

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My authored book, The Three Days of The Lion, written in English and Spanish, has been accepted by Dr. Kevin McAfee of Oceania Studios. I also produced and narrated the story, in English, in audiobook format, and adapted the book into a screenplay in English (Three Days) and Spanish (Tres Dias).

I am seeking $300,000 or more in seed funding for a WGA screenplay writer (who will work with me and Dr. McAfee and we proceed into production) and the LLC, of a projected $40-45 million film production project. We have an original story (my book), a producer, a director, a mini-major film studio a production crew; collaboration is welcomed. Investors will receive 30% ownership in the story and LLC.

The concept is an original story never before told in over 1900 years. It has received positive reviews in screenplay competitions internationally and placed highly in Israel. The book itself received the highest review rating, by five WGA screenplay writers and directors/producers, in the history of The Filmmakers Roundtable,.

Potential market impact could be off the charts simply because I am 70 years of age, a disabled Vietnam veteran, a naturalized U.S. Citizen (born in Mexico), fluent in English and Spanish, a Christian, and may be serving as an executive producer during production of the film.

I look forward to hearing from prospective investors who will be the first to receive their investments back.
Jose M. Martinez

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