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$100,00 ($100k) funding request .
online tutoring company providing quality education to pre-k to college level students. psat and sat preparation, resume assistance, college applications and scholarship applications.

Experienced teacher with over 10 years experience in the public school system. Looking to reach as many students as possible during the pandemic. Looking to employ a team of tutors to reach as many kids as possible. The pandemic has caused a lot of disruption to education. Many kids were already behind on their curriculum and now falling further and further behind. That does not have to be the case .Kids deserve to be nurtured , encouraged and support. Looking to make a difference in the education community. Thank you.

The goal is to provide support for pre-k to college level in math, english, science and social studies. Also assistance with college applications, resume writing, scholarship application and teaching life skills to develop well rounded individuals. The goal is to start by end of february and reach at least a 1,000 students initially and growing as more staff can be recruited.

Most of the funds will cover leasing a building, computers and laptops, printer, education resources and software, printing paper, tutor salaries, advertising and running costs . The goal is to be self funding in 2 years. Your support and suggestions are very much appreciated. Thank you.

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