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Invest $50-250K in Affordable Housing Venture with 20+% IRR

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Turning Point works with experienced and financially capable organizations to provide affordable housing to individuals with substance abuse disorder and other
federally-recognized disabilities. 


The Turning Point investment strategy creates: 

VALUE through the acquisition and renovation of single family homes in the Southeastern United States.  

STABLE, POSITIVE CASH FLOW by charging market rent to organizations that provide affordable housing  to individuals with substance abuse disorder. This overlooked tenant profile has a strong track record leasing  properties for years beyond the traditional single family tenant.  

HIGH QUALITY AFFORDABLE HOUSING without the entitlement, development, or construction risks. Turning  Point acquires, renovates, and delivers the property to its tenants within 90 days of acquisition.  
OPTIMIZED CAPITAL UTILIZATION by carefully vetting acquisitions to ensure the appraised value after  renovation (ARV) is sufficient to finance nearly 100% of invested capital.  


  1. Short-term Promissory Note:
    • Duration: Six months
    • Interest Rate: 8.0% monthly, 9.3% annually
    • Fees: 0.5% origination fee, 0.5% renewal fee (holder option)
    • Convertibility: Option to convert to equity at the offering price upon note initiation.
  2. Equity LLC Units (10-year life of the fund):
    • Exit Profit Share: Estimated at 21% or higher
    • Targeted IRR (Internal Rate of Return): 20% or higher
    • Preferred Return: 8.0%
    • Profit Distribution: 80% of profits to be distributed.


❏ Founded Q4 2021 with the acquisition of a single family residence in Lynchburg,  Virginia. 

❏ Each property acquired is cash flow positive with tenants in place within 15 days of  completing any renovations.

Year: 2021
Properties Acquired: 1
Total Properties: 1
Region: VA

Year: 2022
Properties Acquired:  10 
Total Properties: 11 
Region(s):  NC (1), SC (1), TN (8), VA (1)

Year: 2023 (YTD July-23) 
Properties Acquired:  7 
Total Properties: 18 
Region(s): NC (3), SC (1), TN (11), VA (1), WV (1), KY (1)

2023 (estimated year-end)
Properties Acquired (expected): 20 
Total Properties (expected): 31 
Region(s): KY, NC, SC, TN, VA, WV


XX Pine Knoll Drive, Greenville, SC 

Acquisition price $282,000 
Closing date Original: 5/17/22 
Refinancing: 11/11/2022 
Renovation budget $21,000 ($21,584 actual) 
Renovation detail Converted from 3-bedroom 2.5-bath to 6-bedroom 3 bath; Increased finished square footage 500 sf; and 
Addressed all deferred maintenance issues. 
After renovation appraisal $405,000 (34% gain) 
Permanent financing 75% LTV ($303,750), 7.375% fixed, 30-year amortization Days to occupancy 27 
Equity in property after financing 5.7% ($19,095)

XXXX Grace Drive Kingsport, TN 

Acquisition price $170,000 
Closing date Original: 11/21/22 
Refinancing: 3/14/2023 
Renovation budget $60,000 ($60,025 actual) 
Renovation detail Converted 3-bedroom 2-bath to 6-bedroom, 3 bath; Increased the finished square footage by 1000 sf; and 
Addressed all deferred maintenance issues. 
After renovation appraisal (at purchase) $350,000 (52% gain) 
Actual appraisal at financing $372,000 (62% gain) 
Permanent financing 70% LTV ($260,400), 7.875% fixed, 30-year amortization Days to occupancy 131 
Equity in property after financing -7.1% ($17,348 cash extracted)

XXX Ranch Road Charlotte, NC
(under renovation) 

Acquisition price $230,000 
Closing date Original: 01/06/2023 
Refinancing: TBD 
Renovation budget $80,000 (actual TBD) 
Renovation detail Converting 3-bedroom 2-bath to 5-bedroom, 3-bath; Addressed all deferred maintenance issues. 
After renovation appraisal (at purchase) $515,000 (66% gain) 
Actual appraisal at financing under renovation 
Permanent financing 70% LTV, 8.00% fixed, 30-year amortization (estimated) Days to occupancy 90 (estimate) 
Equity in property after financing under renovation


Turning Point leverages a team of professionals in each target market to accelerate deal flow and expand our presence in the region. Each team is composed of:

1. Experienced and Financially Capable Operator-Partner:
   - An operator-partner with a proven track record and financial capability to execute a multi-year and multi-unit growth strategy in the market.

2. Oxford House Expansion Focus:
   - Our primary objective is to facilitate Oxford House expansion in most cases when entering a new market.

3. Licensed Real Estate Agent:
   - A licensed real estate agent with extensive experience in buy/renovate residential transactions and a strong network within the local non-profit community.

4. Collaborating with Existing Operator-Partner:
   - In most cases, our local operator-partner already has a working relationship with a real estate agent.

5. Suitable Contractor:
   - A contractor who thoroughly understands our process and objectives and possesses the ability to swiftly execute the necessary work immediately after the transaction's closing.

6. Strong Contractor Network through Oxford House Connections:
   - Through our work with Oxford House, we have established connections with highly qualified contractors in every market, many of whom are former residents of an Oxford House eager to support the mission.
   - These contractors prioritize the properties we purchase, providing us with fair and fixed prices, as they believe in the life-saving impact of placing tenants in these homes.

7. Key Differentiator:
   - This network of contractors is one of our greatest assets and sets us apart from other single-family residential (SFR) investment models.

By assembling and collaborating with these proficient and dedicated teams, we ensure the successful execution of our mission to foster growth and improve lives through Oxford House expansions in various markets.


Due Diligence Steps and Evaluation Criteria:

  1. Property Identification:
    • Conduct a preliminary review of the property condition to identify opportunities for value creation through targeted renovations.
    • Analyze comparable properties using local resources to establish the target post-renovation value.
  2. Location Evaluation:
    • Evaluate the property's proximity to public transportation and other substance abuse recovery homes.
    • Cross-reference the property location with Lexis community crime map for safety assessment.
  3. Preliminary Discussions:
    • Initiate discussions with potential tenants to understand their needs and preferences.
  4. Purchase Contract Negotiation and Acceptance:
    • Verify the property's square footage indicated by the seller through measurements.
    • Conduct a site visit with a property inspector and general contractor to assess the property's condition.
  5. Renovation Budget:
    • Collaborate with the contractor to establish a comprehensive scope of work and budget.
    • Include necessary tasks such as deferred maintenance elimination, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical replacements or upgrades.
  6. Post-Renovation Value:
    • Prepare a project package containing the scope of work, target as-renovated value, and suggested comparable sales.
    • Submit the package to National Property Appraisal Services (NPAS) for an as-is and as-renovated property value assessment.
  7. Contract Modifications:
    • Negotiate a price reduction with the seller based on the projected as-renovated value and any issues identified during the home inspection.
  8. Finalizing Lease Agreement and Construction Plans:
    • Finalize the lease agreement with the tenant.
    • Agree on the timeline and pricing with the contractor for the renovation work.
  9. Closing and Construction Commencement:
    • Proceed with closing on the property.
    • Initiate the construction phase as per the finalized plans.

By following these steps and evaluation criteria, we aim to ensure a thorough and informed decision-making process throughout the property acquisition and renovation journey.


General Partner (GP): Turning Point Fund Manager, LLC
Fund Manager: Turning Point Fund Manager, LLC
Target Fund Size: $25 million ($2 million initial funding)
Minimum Commitment: $250,000
Management Commitment: 5% of total equity raised
Target Return: 25% IRR
Investment Period: Up to seven years from the final closing
Reinvestment: Net operating income will be reinvested during the first six years
Formation and Operating Costs: The fund will bear all fund and GP formation expenses, as well as fund operating expenses
Term: Ten years from formation
Investment Management Fee: None
Property Level Fees:
  • 5% acquisition fee
  • 10% of rent income property management fee

  • Taxes: Estimated tax distributions with K-1s.
  • Profits (Tier 1): 100% of profits to investors until they receive (i) 100% of their investment and (ii) an 8% preferred return.
  • Profits (Tier 2): 80% of profits to investors and 20% to the GP.


Borrower: TPA Portfolio I, LLC
Total Loan Amount: No set limit
Interest Rate: 8.0%
Loan Term: Six months
Origination Fee: 0.5% of the total loan amount, paid to the Holder at the loan closing
Renewal Fee: 0.5% of the total loan amount, paid to the Holder upon renewal (at the Holder's election)
Fees to Fund Manager: None
Minimum Commitment: $250,000
Equity Conversion: At the Holder's election, the loan may be converted to equity at the offering price at the note's inception.


Property Acquisitions:

  • Purchase Price: $225,000
  • Renovation Budget: $75,000
  • After Renovation Value (ARV): $400,000, reflecting a 33% increase in value.

Acquisition Pace:

  • Year 1: Maximum two closings per month.
  • Year 2 & 3: Maximum three closings per month.

Annual Acquisition Cost Increase: 4.5%

Bridge Financing:

  • Loan-to-Value (LTV): 80%
  • Interest Rate: 11.0%

Permanent Financing:

  • LTV (based on ARV): 70%
  • Interest Rate: 8.0%
  • Amortization Period: 30 years

Rental Information:

  • Average Monthly Rent: $3,200
  • Annual Market Rent Increase: 4.0%
  • Annual Lease Escalator: 4.0%


Justin Beights:

Justin’s career in the real estate development industry spans more than two decades: entitling and constructing  multimillion-dollar residential and commercial projects, raising capital for large solar and waste-to-energy  firms, and advising private equity on various state-specific reforestation programs designed to reduce  pollution in the Chesapeake Bay. 

After witnessing the lack of behavioral & mental health services following his own son's struggles, he decided  to bring his entrepreneurial expertise to more impactful pursuits. Unphased by the stigma surrounding these  issues, Justin founded Turning Point to deliver crucial real estate solutions to the mental health sector while  providing market-rate returns to his investors, creating a rare win-win for all involved parties. 

Justin earned his bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Virginia.

Jim Kingdon:

Jim’s has more than 30 years of experience in private equity investment and portfolio company  management. With financial, operational and legal skills, Jim has extensive experience in corporate  formation, acquisition, management, and performance optimization.  

Jim received a BA in Mathematics from Northwestern University and a JD and MBA from the  University of Virginia. 


Contact: Sheri Trice
Title: Consultant, Fundraising
Email: [email protected]

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