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Single Serving Nut Milk Maker - ECommerce Product Launch Capital Funding Needed

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We are an e-commerce company raising funds for an exciting new physical product we are developing for sale. It is a personal one cup nut milk maker.  Unlike anything else on the market this has a variety of heat settings.  This is our proprietary advantage,, which we have already invested heavily in time, engineering and design efforts  We have an exclusive contractual agreement for US distribution as certain aspects of the design are also patented by the partner manufacturer.  We have been working the last year on the development of this product category.  This fits the trends toward fresh foods made at home, single serving convenience, as well as dietary and environmental activism trends away from animal milk sources.  We are in the final stages of development having invested our last two years in business into learning the Amazon FBA, Shopify, Facebook Marketing and Instagram Marketing models in the  sale of other physical product brands.  All of which we look to employ.  We have strong industry backgrounds in engineering, management, recruiting and technical skills in house.  We are seeking capital to fund inventory and  marketing efforts to boost the brand.  We are looking for a long term funding partner that can grow with us for further funds and we realize the fruits, and nuts of this tremendous market opportunity.  

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