Fixes the healthcare system by solving the real problem of lack of cashflow in the system

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There is not enough money being put into the healthcare system. Every part of the system is suffering. This is our opportunity!
Cutting costs is not working. There are no more costs to cut, there is not any more fat in the system. This is not going to be effective going forward.
Taking the opposite approach is the sensible one. Start putting more money into the system. How can this be done? Where is the new money to come from? There are untapped resources that can provide new cash flow daily to boost the system. This is not a short-term fix either, this is a steady sustainable source of income that just needs to be tapped. The focus of my work for 30 years has been to help people get the most value from their health plans. I am a broker and a CIC. In my broker operations, I have sold and managed plans for large groups and small groups utilizing different types of health plan coverages and resources to meet the different needs my clients have.

Acting as a Certified Insurance Consultant I have served and advised Insurers, Managed Care Organizations, providers, investment houses, and individuals and have developed detailed strategies for mergers and acquisitions. I have had experience in most aspects of the industry even helping a client find care for their son who was struck by lightning on a camping trip. I am interested in raising funds for the purpose of tapping into an untapped resource of cash flow and applying those funds to serve the healthcare industry at a profit. The funds will be used for building the technology needed to serve the business. This includes software for B2B suppliers, service portals, group plans software, financial software, and 2 consumer apps.
$3,000,000- $5,000,000.00 will cover the development costs and the first-year
startup expenses for the operation of the business. 

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