A place where KIDS can enjoy the islands of the KEYS too. The beach and pools are great but FuNZoNe is just for the Kids!

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The basis behind this idea or start up is the fact that The KEYS of FL (marathon in general) does not have alot of activities focused just on the kids. For people that have lived there their whole lives and are raising kids there find it very difficult to find something that the kids will enjoy instead of the beach and pools around the island. When it rains, there is no inside activites for family or children to do. This start up is in a old KMART building that I hope to transform into a FuNZoNe for the children of The Keys and ones that come and visit. Inside I would like to create a indoor pool that is lit up with only blacklight (like a blacklight bowling alley) with lazor pool tag. I would like to put a small trampoline park inside close to the pool and then in another different room create a tropical Mini Golf and a rock climbing wall all designed around the tropics of the Keys. It is also a way for the parents on vacation with their children to take one day to drop the kids off for half or full day and go enjoy what the adults love in the keys without any worry and knowing that their children and taken care of and having the fun that they want to have besides pools and beaches. Im asking for 500,000 to help with the intital start up materials and hiring of certified licensed daycare provider employees. Charge for entry and also for parents to drop the kids for a couple hours and enjoy the ADULT part of their vacations :) 

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