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Raising $100K For Live Immersive Event

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TruVariety Entertainment specializes in creating experiences. Our artists, designers, and coordinators have been building worlds for over a decade. Since 2016, we’ve been helping our clients to conceptualize their ideas. Producing large scale events and shows for our clients ignited our innovation! We were inspired to produce a new kind of event for ourselves and our community! We created Snow Globe LA to feed our creativity and share with the public an experience that even WE would find spectacular.

We believe Snow Globe LA is the first event of its kind in Los Angeles! It is an immersive experience, serving gourmet food, themed cocktails, and top of the line Cirque entertainment. It is more than an art installation, more than a stage show, and more than a bar or restaurant. Snow Globe LA combines all these elements and more to give guests a truly unique evening that they will never forget!

Guests will enter a magical wardrobe, walk through the winter coats, and find themselves immersed in a snowy enchanted forest. Sound familiar yet? Around every corner, they will find mystical creatures and interactive photo ops. Once they reach the clearing, they may visit the ice bar for a signature cocktail (or mocktail!). Guests will then be seated to enjoy dinner and a show, featuring farm-to-table organic food by Primal Alchemy, and a comedic variety show by an award winning performer.

Snow Globe LA has already launched and is a moving train. We need to raise additional funds to keep on our trajectory. Event runs from Nov. 30th, 2021 through Dec.31st, 2021, 6 days a week. We have a 150 seat capacity per night with a total of 4,000 available ticket sales. To learn more about it, please visit We are being featured on KTLA, Good Morning LA, DoLA and Voyage LA Magazine. 

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