Trujillo Irrigation Services

Raising $50k to start up my water conservancy landscape irrigation business.

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My business will consist of selling and installing smart irrigation technology in Albuquerque and Santa Fe for commercial and residential landscapes. I want to bring water saving technology and upgraded irrigation systems to customers, to save our water for future generations. With this smart technology and training, customers will be able to monitor and change their irrigation systems. They will see water usage, plus will be able to receive alerts directly to their applications on their smart phones or computers, and will be able to turn on and off their systems remotely. 

My name is Michael Trujillo and I am a proud native New Mexican. I have been working and thriving in the landscape business for 13 years. I have worked for Eastern New Mexico University as a supervisor for the grounds department, overseeing maintenance and installations on campus. My greatest achievement was my involvement in overseeing the new landscape installations on campus, especially the new football/athletic facility that was built in Portales, NM. I have also worked as a superintendent in landscape construction, working with other major contractors in New Mexico. I am licensed journeyman sprinkler technician, backflow preventention technician, and trained with the OSHA 40 course. I have worked for government and private entities, involving the maintenance and installations of landscapes. I have statewide connections with business owners, customers, and vendors. I have worked hard on earning a great reputation with all those who I come in contact with, both professionally and personally. 

I am an open and honest individual. I grew up in a very small town in northeast New Mexico. I am proud of my family and my roots. Throughout my career, I have worked my way up in management and leadership roles in the industry. When I moved to Santa Fe in 2017, I had a manifestation of a variegate porphyria and epilepsy. I was unable to work for periods of time throughout 2017, several times in 2019, and several times in 2020. Because of my genetic health issues, I have been impacted financially and at times, unable to hold a steady job. My goal through this funding is to become financially independent through my own business. I am not looking for charity, only an opportunity to grow a business and lead in the industry in the region. 

I am passionate about the conservation  of our natural resources in our great state and region. Especially the limited supply of water. In my experience in the landscaping industry, too often am I faced with a challenge of consumers over watering or irrigation systems that have so many leaks, the water is being wasted. I am driven and passionate about educating the general public in the new technology of irrigation systems and how we can all make a difference in saving water and using our resources correctly. 

My request for funding will directly start up my business. It will allow me to purchase the truck, cargo trailer, and the necessary tools to do the actual work in the field. It will also allow me to purchase the necessary technology and printers for my business. I will start first with my connections in the construction industry and residential subdivisions, working with realty companies and HOA’s. I am humble and driven. I believe with my knowledge and professionalism, I can help create a culture in Albuquerque and Santa Fe promotes true water conservation. 

I will not only limit myself in the irrigation side of the landscape business. I will provide many other landscape services as well. I will provide maintenance and other installation services. I will especially promote local programs to customers, consisting of planting drought tolerant trees and shrubs and educate customers about local rebates. 

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