Raising $10K to start a company for building Wind-turbines equipped with solar panels to power RV's, Campers, and Tiny Houses

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The Idea we are driving for is to be able to produce a low-cost, high-efficiency wind powered generators equipped with solar panels that are fully portable and have an easy set-up process. This will enable RV/ Camper and Tiny House owners a way to take their own power source with them. This will open up endless possibilities as those travelling around the country in RV and Camping trailers can forego the expenses of renting at campgrounds, and purchasing fuel for gas generators; and Tiny House Owners can make living off grid easy, and a reality. 

Project and Company:
     TRUenergy LLC is our company name and the developed mission statement is 
"Providing energy solutions today for tomorrows adventures"
      Our project will incorporate into it a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine or VAWT positioned atop a telescoping pole to allow for adjustable height and compact storage. Attached to the pole will be fully adjustable solar panels attached with swivels capable of moving no less than at a 45 degree angle on a vertical plane, and able to swivel a full 180 degrees on a horizontal plane. This assembly will thus attach to  the Power Control Base which depending on the consumers wants and needs will have  up to 2 internal compartments. The top level will house within it the necessary controllers, inverters, battery monitors and all other essential equipment necessary to control and monitor the power produced by the generator. If the client desires a inhouse battery bank then we will incorporate a second platform beneath for internal battery bank systems. 

Business Model:
Our business model is available for download after inquiring.  In it we do list,
Key Partners, Key Activities, Key Resources, Value Propositions, Customer Relationships, Channels, Customer Segments, Cost Structure and Revenue Streams.

Our primary (but not limited to) target market are RV/ Camper dealers and those purchasing tiny houses. We plan a wide marketing campaign in the winter for the opening spring quarter of the Year 2023 targeting Florida as our first primary goal. 

Team and credentials
     Our team consist of professional welders, electrical engineers, aircraft mechanics, and power plant operators with 10+ years in each field of experience. 

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