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Raising $1 million in 3 year convertible notes to fund the development of film projects and provide capital for scaling the company..

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The birth of Triptych Media was in late 2019 as an idea among four guys that had a passion for helping change our culture. We knew what we wanted to do was a massive undertaking but saw an opportunity to disrupt the industry and approach the funding and making of films differently, which is why we created Triptych Media. 

In early 2020, Triptych Media secured an early seed investment of $390,000 to develop and acquire IP. 

In mid-2020, Triptych Media acquired the script and rights to make Savage Lands. A PG-13 action-adventure film centered around the epic adventures of Davy Crocket. We have begun raising capital for the film and are currently pre-production and actively casting for the leads. 


Immediate and total access is the expectation of most content consumers.  Most people refuse to wait in line for tickets to the next blockbuster at their local theater. The average consumer now has access to millions of pieces of content at their fingertips. Emerging video on demand (VOD) and streaming video on demand (SVOD) platforms further increasing competition and demand. Platforms scramble to stock their catalogs with new and fresh material. They heavily rely on production companies to supply consumers.

Buyers are highly formulaic about their purchasing processes. Many independent production companies focus only on creative development with little understanding of how to make and market a profitable independent film. Often they lack the relationships that allow them access to viable distribution channels in the foreign and domestic markets. 

There are broad gaps in service to the consumer market. Seldom do independent production companies make script selections based on actual market data that reflects real demand. i.e. Discovery's 'Food Network' has a built-in test audience affectionately named 'Coney from Nebraska.' Everything Food Network green lights is geared towards 'her' likes based on real-time reactions to shows in development. This process is seldom applied to the independent filmmaking process. 

Consumer Consumption 

In 2020, 62% of adults (203M +) in the US had one or more monthly subscriptions to a streaming service, with 27% of adults paying more than $100 per month for streaming services.

51% of all US adults aged 18 - 34 watch a streaming service daily.

25% of US adults aged 18 - 29 watch at least one feature film every day.
Streamers are in desperate need of content! 


Triptych Media Inc. (TM) is designed for efficiency. By leveraging years of relationships in the production industry, TM will produce a revolving slate of films selected to meet the demand of foreign and domestic distributors.

Our script selection process is based on real-time data provided by foreign and domestic sales agents who are directly responsible for the licensing of our films. We green light projects based on criteria provided by our direct consumers, which are the foreign and domestic sales companies and subscription-based platforms providing content to the general market. 

The conservative and family-oriented market is dramatically underserved. There is a huge deficit of films in genres such as romantic comedy, family-friendly action/adventure, and drama. We will focus on making films that fill the void in consumer demand in these areas. 


Our market is made up of foreign sales companies and domestic licensers. This includes VOD and SVOD platforms. Deals will be made on an individual basis and on a real-time assessment of the recoupment opportunities. We will select and produce films that meet the green light criteria dictated by the demands of our sales associates in the 90 foreign territories and licensers in the US domestic market. 

3X Growth

The US home/mobile market has erupted over the past five years, more than tripling in revenue and accounting for more than 56% of all film revenues in the US in 2019.
Due to current events, providers will be scrambling for high-quality content to feed their platforms in 2021 and 2022.
The opportunity within the independent film investment space has never been better.

Streamers Content Needed

In 2020, NETFLIX spent $17.3 Billion on content acquisitions.
The top 6 streaming companies spent a combined $79.9 Billion.

  • Disney: $24 billion
  • NBCUniversal: $13 billion
  • WarnerMedia: $11 billion
  • Amazon: $8.6 billion
  • Apple: $6 billion
2021 is projected to be over $110 Billion spent on content acquisitions.

Why Us?

Triptych Media selects films based on a specific set of criteria that mitigates the bulk of the risk inherent to any investment. The truth is that billions of dollars a year are successfully invested into films. The reason for this success is the process by which these profitable films are selected.  Before any investment money is spent on a proposed project it must run a gauntlet of criteria that, if met, virtually guarantees profitability. We call this our Green Light Process. 

  • The film’s ‘All-In’ budget is $5,000,000 or less. 

  • The film was cleared of any copyright infringement. 

  •  The film has secured a Completion Bond specific to the Production. 

  • The Production entity secures and maintains Production Insurance and

  • Workers Comp insurance

  •  The Production has partnered with a reputable foreign sales agency or firm.

  •  The Partner foreign sales agency has developed Sales Estimates with the Lowest estimates equaling at least 50% of the budget.

  •  The film is shot in a state/country with a Film Tax Incentive program. 

  •  The production has cast a lead actor approved by the sales agency to ensure they meet their sales estimates.

  • The film’s final edit will carry an MPAA rating no stronger than PG13 ( For Intense Action )

Vertical Integrations 

Film Fund - Unlike most film companies, we are very investor-focused. Our team has extensive experience with building and managing investments. As we find success, we will build out a pooled investment fund that will house the equity and debt piece of the film financing. This film fund is beneficial in the following ways and will increase our profit margin in each film by 5-8%.

  • We capture investor money across multiple film projects
  • It reduces risk to the investor by allowing them to participate in the debt portion of the film financing while still providing above-average returns.
  • We reduce the cost of debt financing each film because of the favorable terms in the film fund we manage.
  • We have quick access to the funds for production purposes
There is a significant amount of profit potential in the film fund. As the general partners, we will receive a 2% management fee along with equity equal to 20% of the profitability of the film. 

Example - $10,000,000 principal in fund. $20,000,000 profit across 3 films. 2% fee = $800,000 + 20% share of profit = $4,000,000. Toal revenue to Triptych Media = $4,800,000. 

Sales - Our plan to scale the company will include complete control of our domestic and foreign sales by bringing these sales teams in-house. This will give us very accurate and predictable sales to these markets. By having an in-house sales team, we can increase the profit margin in each production by 5-8%. This team will also be providing sales to other independent films that are looking for the foreign sales distribution, providing additional revenue to the company.

Production Assets - With each film that we produce, we will acquire production props and physical assets that we will warehouse and use on future films. Depending on the film, this can add 3-5% in profit to each production. We will also be able to rent these out to other companies that need production props. 

Expectations - Forecast

We have developed a comprehensive model for the production of 24 films during the next 5-6 years. Our goal is to launch a mini-major studio comparable to Lionsgate at the completion of the first 24 films. Our model is built on a tried and true process that has been very successful for many years by production companies like Blumhouse, which keeps their focus on films in the $5 million budget range. Our model has the following assumptions, which we feel to be very conservative:

  1. We are assuming that each of our films will make at a minimum 150% domestic return. While this may seem aggressive, it far underperforms the market average. The global average return for films is 328%.  By drastically forecasting under the market average, we are allowing for the model to perform to forecast with less than average returns.
  2. We are assuming that we are able to scale our talent and manage the increased project flow as it comes. 
  3. We are assuming that the demand for content from streaming platforms will at least stay at its current levels. 
For us to be successful with a single $35 million film fund supporting all of the 24 films, we would need a base aggregate return of only 130%, performing at 40% of the national average for films.

Management team

CEO, Triptych Media

Luke has been a financial advisor and strategist for 12 years, with his most recent three years spent at Guardian Strategic Wealth Planners. This independent RIA firm focuses exclusively on high net worth clients. He specialized in complex tax strategies, legacy planning, and investment management. After joining Guardian, he helped grow the company’s revenue by more than 300%.

His perpetual desire to improve upon the status quo and his vision for changing our culture was the birth of Triptych Media and The Triptych Foundation. His strength is in his ability to “see” over the horizon of what can be and bring the right people together to make it happen.

Luke lives in Tennessee with his wife Tina and their four kids. They are avid travelers and love anything outdoors.


Michael Claudio is an entrepreneur at heart, having started and built several businesses. He currently is the president at Guardian Strategic Wealth Planners. Michael is an engineer by degree and spent twelve years working for Nissan and Mercedes-Benz in design validation and quality engineering. He left his last position at Mercedes to start EHD Technologies in 2002.

EHD Technologies provided contingent engineering resources to automotive companies throughout the US, Mexico, and Canada. EHD grew to more than five hundred staff members until the company was acquired in 2017.

Mike serves on the advisory board for Vital Families ( Vital Families is an organization that empowers families to produce deep meaning in their lives and bright hope for their communities.

Michael currently lives in Brentwood, Tennessee, a suburb of Nashville, with Debbie, his wife of thirty years. They have three grown children.

NATE GRIFFIN, Pres., Acquisitions and Production, 

Nate is the owner of Grateful Inconvenience Inc ( GI Inc ), a boutique creative agency for film, photography, and the live experience. For the last three years, he has been a senior VP at Heart Bridge Media, an executive production company focused on developing and producing non-scripted series for television.

He began his career as an art director and production designer, working with the likes of Taylor Swift, Lionel Richie, Kieth Urban, and many more. Over the last decade, his interest and expertise have shifted to a focus on film and television. He is an executive producer on series for Scripps, Discovery, and The Opry’s new Circle Network which debuted in 2019 as the largest single network launch in cable history. Nate has produced or directed international documentary projects for VICE, MSNBC, and multiple global NGO’s including the United Nations. His passion is to build relational bridges across all influencing spheres and to utilize his platform to encourage and challenge those who have a public voice to use it for good.

He lives in Nashville with his wife Shelly and two boys Asher and Jude.

CAMERON SMITH, General Counsel, Triptych Media

Cameron Smith recently served as the Executive Director of the House Republican Policy Committee in Washington, D.C. Prior to that, he provided counsel to Governor Bill Lee as part of the governor-elect’s policy transition team.

He has also worked on the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee and served as an executive and general counsel with several nonprofits focused on shaping free-market public policy, defending religious liberty, and promoting common sense in politics.

Cameron brings a strong communications background to the foundation has served as a columnist for the Birmingham News, a regular presence on talk radio, and a contributor on cable news. His work has appeared in Fox News, USA Today, New York Times, and National Public Radio.

He lives with his wife, Justine, and their three sons in Nolensville, TN, where he grows heirloom tomatoes, coaches youth sports and tinkers with small engines.



Chief Financial Officer

Greg is an experienced CFO and has worked with numerous companies, including a media company on the investor relations side and providing reporting, modeling, and oversite.

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