Tricorder.Zero™ ($260k+ already raised for this multi-sensor, AI-enabled, health & fitness diagnostic telehealth device)

The Health & Fitness Tricorder Diagnostic Device Enabling the Full Potential of Telemedicine

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I’m Marcus Soori, former medical student and CEO of O/D Vision, creating the first true telehealth and fitness tricorder to bring about the full potential of telemedicine and health & fitness tracking. We have already raised $260k+, and are raising a further $300k to complete our round.

With Tricorder.Zero™, we will provide (previously-unavailable) multi-sensor health & fitness data and telehealth optimization in a single, AI-enabled device.          

The Problem is that telemedicine is currently just a “FaceTime” call; physicians only have the subjective feelings of patients, which limits the docs in testing, prescribing, and referring. Telehealth wastes $Billions in doctor and patient time and money (duplicative processes when patients are asked to see docs anyway) due to a lack of objective data sent to the doc.

With our Solution, telehealth providers receive objective sensor data to match up with the subjective patient statements, enabling a wider variety of prescriptions/tests/referrals, plus remote monitoring. This maximizes the potential of telehealth and saves $Billions. Patients save time and money, and so do docs/hospitals/insurers, increasing their profits.

What Differentiates Tricorder.Zero™ is its 7-sensor capability, ease of use, time and money savings for docs and patients, and IP protection (12+ international patents pending).
We will Make Money by selling Tricorder.Zero™ devices for $400-600, with $50/mo. telehealth and $10/mo. AI coaching fees for users. We will white-label our telemedicine portal and AI “physician support” system to insurers first, then hospitals, then independent providers ($TBD).

We plan to Acquire Customers via e-commerce/retail sales and insurer subsidies. Our advantage is our consumer electronics (not medical device) design, IP, and UI/UX.

Our current Competition is from TytoCare, a modular, fewer-sensor device with less valuable IP and a design to emulate complicated and cumbersome “medical student” diagnostic kits. But Tricorder.Zero™ has a user-friendly design and interface, is a fully-integrated device, and has more sensors and better IP.

We have a Team of two C-level board members with experiences in medicine, blue chip corporations, startups, finance, accounting, design, manufacturing, and branding.

We Project we can reach revenues of $180M per year by 2027, and currently our Status is a completed Kickstarter prototype, social media ads ready to promote, and ⅓ raised in our seed round, which will fund ads leading to a $1.5M+ Kickstarter campaign.

You see, it used to be that telehealth was limited to patient complaints and didn’t provide much value. But now, Tricorder.Zero™ combines objective data with subjective patient statements, enabling the full potential of telehealth and leading to better patient outcomes and lower costs/more profits for providers.

And that means Tricorder.Zero™ will lead in the 2028 $1 Trillion market for telehealth + digital patient monitoring devices. Reduced technology cost, market demand for a “tricorder”, weak competitor IP protection, a single relevant startup competitor in an untapped market, and huge market growth make this the perfect time to launch Tricorder.Zero™.

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