Trek Dynamics

Growing a prototyping, design and fabrication company that I can be proud of and passionate about.

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I currently work as an electronic technician while going to school for engineering. With what spare time I have left, I used to work second jobs until I was able to start growing my own fabrication/innovation shop.  It started out with renting a small space and now I have accumulated tools and machines to grow. My passion is to continuously learn, build, create and dedicate my time to making this a full-time pursuit. The services I am able to provide currently are CAD design, 3D printing/prototyping, Laser engraving (excluding metals), CNC mill work on smaller parts, CNC plasma cutting, resin work, electronic repair on most low voltage machines, and classic automotive restoration to an extent. When I’m not working on these projects I rely on a niche product that is simple, artistic and personalized to help pay and fund my shop. 

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