Travelling Gypsy

Raising $500,000 to build our dream shop.

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We are a small retail shop with metaphysical items, herbs, oils, and boutique items! We strive to be a safe place for anyone regardless of race, religion, or age. Our little shop is not in a big city. We are located in a rural area where 1 religion is accepted. There are so many others in this area that have to hide who they are or not go out and enjoy shopping, food, fun just everyday things in fear of not being accepted. Our Travelling Gypsy team is a very diverse team that offers not only shopping but services such as yoga, reiki, tarot readings, singing bowl classes, and more. We cater and support a variety of people. We are LGBTQ+ friendly, some of our customers are Pagans, Christians, Islamic, Hindu, and so many more religions and beliefs. We have a dream to build a large space for people of all race, religion and age to come and spend the day/evening shopping, learning, and catching live music or various entertainment shows. In the area we are in most things shut down at 6 pm. There are so many people around here that want a safe place to go after work and enjoy life's little things that we take for granted. I have the land to build this dream I just need help building the large shop/event space. 

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