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 Travel With Louie, VR
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559 412 6370
EIN# 84-2322498
                                                                                                            Startup  ------100% Minority owned & Veteran


Travel With Louie, Shows the Value of the vacation.

➢ Pre-Travel, visit a Vacation destination, in almost real-time and without even packaging a bag 

➢ Travel Agent Sales Aid, to show the value of the cost, to be totally immersed in a destination, see north, 
     south, east, west, and straight ahead. Hear all the sounds around them. VS a flat picture from a travel catalog or video.

➢ Virtual Reality is a simulated experience that can be like or completely different from the real world. 
     Applications of virtual reality can include entertainment

➢ By using Cameras, Tower, splitter and 5 screens, to create Pre-Travel

➢ Imagine being 100 feet underwater in a coral reef and seeing all the fishes, sharks, etc. all around you, like you were there in the water. And swimming among them.

➢ To understand what I am talking about, please see                       

                                         1)      Please see :                                               
                                        2_ Same
tech :  // eco-friendly-business-jets-future-1234590979/ 

1)            Either I or the Temp employee will use a 5-camera device (recording North, South, East, West, and straight ahead) to record a Location. For example, in the above picture, replace the actor with stepping in and now fold the picture into a box, now you are seeing the sky, the ground, east & west, and straight ahead, you are immersed in the location!
2)            Film sent home for editing
3)            Finished editing placed in (Cloud, On-site system, Off-site system). On-site placed in a high-tech tower and streamed through a splitter. The splitter sends to 5-screens and to the correct signal to the correct screen. In other words, the sky steam goes to the top screen, etc.. all 5 streaming feeds are sent simultaneously, creating the location. In almost real-time.
Step 1) Obtain the funding                 (pay cash)
➢ Complete all & pay for all legal documentation required to start the business. ➢ Purchase all High-Tech Equipment and Vehicles
➢ Travel to 5 destinations and film, etc.

Step 2) Set up a day to unveil TWL to the travel expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. ➢ Set a day to unveil to guests, agents & investors
➢ Send out 300 invitations to Travel CEO’s, Guests & Investors
➢ To a Gypsy Travel Presentation/Party, to RSVP which travel presentation, they would be ➢ interested in, of the venues already recorded.
➢ Advertise for travel agents to explore the future

Step3) Setup Gypsy wagon campsite
➢ 1st have a Gypsy Travel Presentation party for the guests
➢ Provide hor's d oeuvres & drinks, gypsy music, greeted by Gypsy woman hosts.
➢ Each couple receives an IPAD to fill about themselves, family, take a picture, Credit card, ID. The IPAD already has the trip preset, with dates Itinerary, etc.
➢ After a few minutes, a group of 5 couples escort them into the room and take to their vacation destination.
➢ As they are escorted around the city, on their IPAD, they select what excursions they want to do, to see the hotel, they will be staying at, from the lobby to restaurants, pool, lounge, to the rooms, etc. They select the room and views.
➢ They are shown the airline selected and the inside, asked if they will require a car rental, etc.
➢ Upon ending the tour, they select how much they want to put down and it is submitted to the vendor.
➢ They are seated and allowed to relax, eat & drink, and wait for their documentation. By ➢ the time they are seated, documentation, verification codes, etc. should be printing and
ready for the signature.
Step 4) After a week of selling to guest
1)            Taking the total sales made by one agent and proof.
 2)           Now, unveil it to the travel agents and Travel CEOs, invite a Gypsy party and Presentation
3)          Sign up agents wanting to align themselves with TWL
Step 5) Investors
➢ By presenting the device to both Investors and Travel agents at Travel Shows and in Cities?
➢ As they see the increase in sales and the fact the device will sell it for them.
➢ Due to the high cost of the device, I will unite Both an Investor and Agent in joint deal. 
➢ With proof of sales
➢ A written agreement between TWL & Agents interested in the device and presenting the device 
➢ to them and explaining the Joint venture plan between themselves and the agents for funding.

Step 6) Continue step 5 both in the USA & Internationally
 ➢ Until have obtained funding for the 2,000 agents.
➢ By then I will not prove the device to investors, the proof will be there.
➢ Word by mouth, by both Agents & Guests. Will increase sales and number of additional agents.
The team is an Army of one, Luis Torres (CEO/Founder), 67 yr young, retired Mexican, male & a Veteran. Born in Mexico, my family crossed when I was 3, raised between Texas & California, as a migrant worker. Finally settled in California, did 3 years in high school, major (electronics & electricity), Raised by my grandfather when passed away, I dropped out to work and take care of myself.
7 years later signed up with the Air Force, attended a test date for my GED, and passed it. Did 5 years as an Air cargo spec. & 1 year in Culinary.

Attended SBA Business Classes, SBDA & Score classes& webinars. Self-educated, What I do not know either I ask or research.

Over 40 years in customer service, from Retail, Hotels, resort, banquet work, etc,, I spent over 4 years trying to perfect my idea.
Spent 2.5 years being told by Techies, it could not be done, or it was too expensive, I was crazy, and I could not have designed it, for I lack the degrees.
By some lenders being told I was crazy, I had no knowledge, No Tech Degree, so how could I have come up with it. LOL

We are still selling travel via either a travel catalog, pamphlets, or videos. Sales can take from 1 hour to 2 weeks to convince a couple to travel.

With the Virus, according to a travel website, we are about to lose about 50% of the travel agents. Which calls for major overload for travel agents still in business. Even though a few will book online, you still do not get the full service of having an agent.

There is a big world out there that continues to catch the imagination of individuals worldwide. Travel is seen as an adventure, yet it is not equally available to everyone.

For some cost is prohibitive, time is not always available or convenient, and for those far away destinations fear of flying and seasickness keeps many potential tourists grounded and stuck to the mainland.

Some may be physically challenged to travel with comfort and convenience. The challenge that needs to be addressed is: how can people experience travel without ever having to pack a bag.


Travel with Louie can take patrons on vacation as a pre-travel experience.

Cruises can be enjoyed from beginning to end without having to board the ship. VR travel It is presented as a staging environment in which participants may engage with different virtual reality scenarios.
From a storytelling point of view, it permits Travel with Louie's introduction of a greater variety of locations.

The target market is the whole world, all ages, men & women, groups, etc.
VR Goggles are cheaper, but they are impersonal, they separate couples, family.

Travel with Louie VR experience provides a personal touch and can handle up to 10 people at a time. It is an entirely a third-person experience where the customer can enjoy a full tourism experience; exploring shops, walking in the streets, learn about different cultures, music, and cuisines. Travel with Louie presents each task as a pure experience through the right mix of strategy, technology, and creativity. Customers will be able to choose areas of interest depending on their preferences and identify destinations to visit.
Travel with Louie marketing strategy will seek to gain market share quickly, focusing on a global virtual experience. Travel with Louie promotional strategy will involve direct marketing and internet exposure and group events.
Travel With Louie will divide their marketing campaign into two parts: 1. Online / Web-based Marketing
2. Offline /Domestic Marketing Online /Web base Marketing The web-based marketing campaign can be divided in the further 5 categories:
1. SEO • Web Page Optimization 2. E-mail Marketing -
3. PPC • Google AdWords 4. Social Media
• Reviews – This is also a strong marketing strategy. A good review of our satisfied customers is so much value to attract many other people. This encourages them to experience this new service that they have never tested.
5. Others

• Video Marketing –YouTube will be used as a marketing tool with informational videos and demonstrations.
• Forums and Q and A sites – Travel With Louie will participate in Q & A sites, post on forums etc.


$4,000 cruise/land vacation 
Commission Rate .........16% 
Total Commission........ $640
Agent Split.................... 90%***
Your Commission..........$576 per person

Low Ball --( Bad Agents/ an agent that stays at selling only 5 trips a month) (A) 1 (one) agent only / 1 Month $ 500 ( 5 sales) x 5 = $ 2,500 Month

The long-term goal to have 2,000 agents in the first year.

Also, I will be paid 10% of each agent’s total monthly commission

(A) $ 2,500-month x 10% = $ 250
2,000 agents only sell 5 trips a Month 250 x 2000 agents = $ 150,000 a month Profit (TWL)

2nd month and there after sells 80 trips for the month. $500  x   80  = $ 40, 000
$40,000 x 10% =     $ 4,000 my commission
                       My                       Agents        TWL Monthly             2% Investor          12 mONTHS
1 Yr         $ 4,000       x         2,000     =    $ 8,000,000    =        $ 160,000               $ 1,920,000 

  2 Yr        $ 4,000      x        4,000             $16,000,000             $ 320,000               $ 3,840,000

Total Business Expenses Both business & personal $140,000 a month

As both agents & sales increase, profit increases Pre-Travel, you can handle up 5 couples (10 people) at a time and every half to an hour / Hour...OR 80 people a day.
As the sales increase the profit increases, and this does mention the Non-Profit side and franchise.
Long Term Goal:

➢ The goal of the business is be “Both” a Profit Business / Franchise and a Nonprofit, Internationally! ➢ To have at least 2,000 International agents in the first year and half being        

➢ You are not only helping me, but you will be helping many others as well. 6 How will I obtain this goal?

➢ By presenting the device to both Investors and Travel agents at Travel Shows and in Cities? ➢ As they see the increase in sales and the fact the device will sell it for them.

➢ Due to the high cost of the device, I will unite Both an Investor and Agent in a joint deal.

➢ At this point I will hire a : CFO CPA Travel Attorney IT etc.., an international film crew (Temps- Located in the countries I want to film in)


Current Alternatives - At present, the competitive environment is not terribly robust.
 However, considering the current growth rate and pace of change in the tourism industry, Travel with Louie expects what was considered competition will become ”ALLIES”.
Business Model
By Placing this device in the hands of as many travel agents (over 69,000) worldwide. As well as starting a Non-Profit side to the company
The goal is to eliminate debt as soon as possible. 
The one thing not mentioned before, is I plan to implement all agents donate 10% of the net income to a charity. Funds to be disbursed by TWL Charity ( to be legally formed), to be used as well for training, starting a business.  My portion is a minimum of 25% of my net income. 


Total Amount: $ 600,000M ( Six hundred thousand) USD 

To start: $ 600,000 To purchase all high-tech equipment and have a working model, complete all legal documentation as a Travel Company, Purchase travel Franchise & Additional training, travel and record various locations, etc.. 

Second Step:

Balance: $ 1M ($1,00,000) USD Line of credit 
After proving the device to both travel agents & investors, will hire CFO, CPA, IT Team, any additional required tech, etc 

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