TransState Asset Recovery Llc

Software-driven, crowd-sourcing approach to asset recovery

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As of 2019, 2 million vehicles are projected to be up for repossession every year. We've developed an innovative approach to facilitate the recovery of the assets. We have a business model that uses social media and crowd-sourcing to locate recoverable assets. We will be using a proprietary, turnkey software solution to manage all aspects of the business.

We've identified an underserved segment of the market and we've developed an inexpensive approach to assist with asset recovery. Our compensation will be performance-based. We will be paid for each vehicle we successfully locate and we'll be paid for each vehicle that is successfully recovered.

The business model is largely web-driven, but there's also a recognizable need for personal interaction between us and the clients. We have also developed a franchise package that will allow us to scale up quickly, while maintaining a personal feel with our customers.

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