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Raising 75,000.00 to place Automated Teller Machines into Marijuana Dispensaries in legal states

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Placing ATMs into businesses is not new.  Many companies have been very successful in doing so.  Our business model is simple:  We supply the ATM in the location and the merchant has a third party load the cash to be dispensed into the ATM.  The fee, usually 4.00 is then split with the loader, our company and the ATM Owner to provide a great profit for all.  By having a third party load the cash into the ATM, we are able to place more ATMs into more businesses in any area.  Recently we have placed ATMs in Oklahoma, Missouri,  New Mexico and Texas with inquiries from as far away as New York and California.  Our niche is placing into Marijuana Dispensaries.

People like our business model because the ATM can be installed very quickly and be making a difference in the Merchant's business and creating big profits right away.  Currently Merchants cannot accept credit cards for marijuana products.  This creates anywhere from 100 to 300 transactions per ATM per month at 4.00 per transaction.

The marijuana dispensaries call us almost daily looking for ATMs and we have placed all we have had,  We have contracts pending and need funds to add another 50 terminals as quickly as we can get them.  The profits come from market forces rather than any payments from our company. This is unless you prefer to do this as a loan with a lien on the ATMs.  I would certainly choose the Market Forces as the return in equity is much more profitable. 

Our company supplies the support and maintenance as well as the proper installation and programming to operate the ATM.  Processing is done through a third party whose sponsoring bank moves the actual cash through the Federal Reserve.  The profits from the ATM is disbursed either daily or monthly through the processor directly into each associated account.  This insures that the money is safe. 

Contact Information is at [email protected] or 405-655-2645

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